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Rodney & Severine’s Cooking School in Lachlan Tasmania. Plus find us at @agrariankitcheneatery + @agrariankitchenweddings

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63.0% of agrariankitchen's followers are female and 37.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.80%. The average number of likes per post is 226 and the average number of comments is 9.

Agrariankitchen loves posting about Food, Chef, Cooking.

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63.0 %
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  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 80.69 %
  • Art & Design 76.29 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 56.96 %
  • Home & Garden 51.39 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 47.36 %
  • Entertainment 47.12 %
  • Travel & Tourism 44.89 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 43.96 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 41.20 %
  • Children & Family 39.56 %
  • Books and Literature 34.56 %
  • Business & Careers 33.62 %


119 1

Last chance to go the whole hog over two days this Monday 19 + Tuesday 20 October with Marcus Vermey @chopper181vermeysqmeats and Rodney Dunn using one of our own pigs raised here in our farm. $880 pp but only 1 place left. Book via the link in our profile. #thewholehog #cookingclass #cookingschool #pork

207 12

Happy days! Our Agrarian Experience class has just begun today. Guests are outside harvesting ingredients from our garden before returning to our cosy kitchen to cook up a feast. We’ve added just a small amount of classes over the next few months but please contact us if you’d like to book a particular date and we can check availability. The Agrarian Experience is a full day of harvesting, cooking and eating. 9am to 4.30 pm for a maximum of 8 guests or 10 guests for a private class. Includes morning tea on arrival, garden tour and harvest, hands on cooking class, 3 course lunch matched with wine. $385 pp. More info via the link in our profile. . . #cookingclass #cookingschool #tasmania #derwentvalleytasmania #unquestionablyderwentvalley #lunch #cooking #supportlocal

194 8

ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT: We had to postpone our “whole hog” class due to COVID-19 earlier this year but have rescheduled another for our fellow Tasmanians before borders reopen. Another will be scheduled for our mainland guests who are currently holding a credit once borders reopen to NSW and VIC. Spanning two days with butcher, Marcus Vermey and The Agrarian Kitchen’s Rodney Dunn, we begin with a whole carcass and learn the ins and outs of cutting and utilising a pig, from nose to tail. This class is all about getting to know quality meat and developing a respect for where our meat comes from and the sacrifice that is made on the animal’s behalf in order for us to eat. The pig used for this class has been raised here on our farm. From the initial break down of the pig with Marcus each cut will be discussed in terms of usage to help you understand firstly where it comes from on the animal - then what you can cook with it. We will utilise all the cuts over the two days to cook around sixteen individual dishes and be left with nothing but the oink. There will also be an opportunity to visit our own pigs and discuss our own raising practices for those wishing to take the leap into pig-rearing. A very special two days of learning, hands-on cooking and feasting for a very small group of 8 guests. $880 pp includes everything listed on the post. 19 + 20 Oct 9 am to 4.30 pm each day. Only 3 places left. Book via the link in our bio or email us if you wish to pay in instalments. #tasmania #thewholehog #pork #cookingclass #cookingschool #feast #derwentvalleytasmania #agrariankitchen #discovertasmania #australia

309 5

We’re getting very spoilt now with these signs for our garden beautifully handwritten by one of our gardeners, Otto. . . . #agrariankitchen #cookingschool #cookingclasses #garden #gardening #gardensigns #vegiegarden

374 3

Chermoula roast carrots with quinoa and yoghurt + flaky flat breads as part of today’s Agrarian Experience.

118 1

Our guests have been busy harvesting ingredients from our garden and cooking in today’s Agrarian Experience class. First up for lunch are potato latkes with broad bean leaves and pickled radish topped with the cooking school’s pancetta. #pancetta #latkes #cookingclass #cookingschool #broadbeansalad #makeyourselfathome #tasmania #derwentvalleytasmania

411 32

A buttery almond and coconut cake to welcome our guests to our Agrarian Experience class this morning. It’s not only one of our favourite recipes from Belinda Jeffery’s “Mix & Bake” cookbook @belindajefferyfood but our guests love it and always ask for the recipe after having tried it. It’s the perfect treat for all as it’s also gluten free. Buy a copy of Belinda’s cookbook via her website but if you’re in Tasmania, head to @missarthurhomegoods this weekend to purchase a copy. It’s also a great Christmas present. . . . #glutenfree #cookingclass #cookingschool #cookbook #sweettreat

227 4

We’ve been a little quiet lately on the cooking school front but.... here we go.... Classes recommence tomorrow with three days of cooking, learning and feasting. Tomorrow’s Agrarian Experience and Saturday’s Handmade Pasta classes still have some places available but Sunday’s class has sold out. If you’re in Tasmania and have one of our gift vouchers then this weekend, October and November are a great time to finally redeem it or just book in! More info via the link in our bio. . . . #cookingclass #cookingschool #everywherelifetakesme #blundstoneaustralia #spring #garden #cookingexperience #tasmania #derwentvalleytasmania

144 8

If you’re in Tasmania and haven’t yet redeemed one of our gift vouchers then now is a perfect time to grab a spot to one of our Handmade Pasta classes. Learn the art of silky smooth fresh pasta, making dough from scratch and the various ways to shape the dough whether you want fettuccine, fusilli or orecchiette, and also how to dry and store your pasta for later use. Also included in the day is a forage in the garden to gather the vegetables to create sauces to finish the pasta into complete meals. This class will include a lasagne, gnocchi, ravioli, tagliolini and pici noodles. Cost $385pp 9am to 4.30pm Includes garden tour and forage, hands-on class, lunch match with Tasmanian wines, tea & coffee throughout the day. Sat 19 Sept - 1 place available Sat 28 Nov - 6 places available BOOK VIA THE LINK IN OUR BIO Image by @lukeburgess77 #pastaclass #pasta #cookingclass #tasmania #cookingschool #derwentvalleytasmania

899 59

We’re sure you will all agree that the last five months have been quite a surreal ride for all. 2020 seemed to start off well in our part of the world!!Once COVID-19 hit at the end of March and Australia went into lockdown, September seemed so far away but we honestly thought some sort of normality would have returned by now. From what we’ve been hearing, quite a lot of people have not yet been severely affected and still have their full-time jobs - thank goodness for that as these are our fellow Tasmanians helping our businesses to survive right now. However, for us and those within the hospitality and tourism industries it sometimes feels like the new normal will never return and sadly for some businesses the end has already come. A huge number of our guests are from Victoria and we are truly saddened that most are back in lockdown and their journey ahead is still long. We are patiently waiting for our Tasmanian borders to reopen because until they do, we too feel we are still in some sort of lockdown and in limbo. If you have been following us closely on social media, you will know that our @agrariankitcheneatery has reopened for dine-in with a set menu offering. On a brighter side, COVID-19 gave us the opportunity to open a new arm of our business, The Kiosk. It was always part of our plan but we never had enough time to really focus on it and it now means more hours for our team even though we are only able to trade weekends. We have been a little quiet on The Cooking School front, mainly because it’s also part of our home and we’re holding onto this sanctuary for ourselves. But, we are slowly rescheduling classes and we shall see where the future takes us during these uncertain times. CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO for our September, October and November classes. Tasmanians can also use their “make yourself at home” travel voucher for our classes and if you still have an Agrarian Kitchen cooking school voucher to redeem.... now is the time to do so. More classes will be added depending on demand and once borders reopen. We hope to see you soon! In the meantime, be kind to each other. ❤️ Séverine 📷

155 1

Don’t forget that our Eatery is open again for dine-in on weekends for lunch. Bookings are essential and limited. $120pp (drinks additional). Visit @agrariankitcheneatery and click the link in the profile for more info. Please enquire for private evening and weekday functions. . . . #lunch #setmenu #newnorfolk #derwentvalleytasmania #hobarteats


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