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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.80%. The average number of likes per post is 46 and the average number of comments is 4.

52.63% of the followers that engaged with aboutthemselves regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 7.02% and Germany at 7.02%. In summary, the top 5 countries of aboutthemselves's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece.

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  • United States 52.63 %
  • United Kingdom 7.02 %
  • Germany 7.02 %
  • France 5.26 %
  • Greece 3.51 %


79 6

My short doc “Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man” is screening at the Chicago Underground Film Festival (virtual) this weekend. It’s opening for a feature doc called “Sleaze Lake: Van Life at It’s Lowest and Best”. •⠀⠀ 👉🏻Link in Profile. •⠀ @chicagoundergroundfilmfest . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm

155 1

@oldshul1 kicks off the Love Parade in Mountaindale, NY on Saturday.

35 4

Watch Online: Church of the Little Green Man

16 0

Great reception at @slipperroomnyc tonight. They laughed, they cried...

21 14

Who says I never win anything? • Best editing award from The Oregon Short Film Festival @oregon.short.film.festival . Thanks so much you guys!! It’s an honor! Thanks to @totemlee fir being there to collect my award on my behalf. • Thank you to my team: @m0ldavite @davidurbano @ofishl @raw_weber @edmundk3 . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm #woodstockfilmfest2019 #bushwick2019 #nycartists

69 9

If you’re in Oregon, head to the 5th Avenue Cinema @5thavecinema tomorrow (Sunday, 22nd) at 3 pm. There will be a screening of Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man for the @oregon.short.film.festival. • And please vote for us! We’re nominated for best editing! • This is an old BTS shot of the church bulletin from the weekend we did most of the church scenes for the film. The pledge of defiance opens the film. • See you in church! • Thank you to my team: @m0ldavite @davidurbano @ofishl @raw_weber @edmundk3 . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm #woodstockfilmfest2019 #bushwick2019 #nycartists

16 0

For all you New York City dwellers, here’s another opportunity to catch my short film Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man. • It’ll be screening at the @slipperroomnyc Attack of the Movie Mondays on March 2. Showtime 8 pm. Save the date. . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm

42 2

I will be hosting a screening of four of my short documentary films about unique and fascinating artists. These films are about my obsession with obsession. • The screening is this Friday, January 31st at The Local hostel in LIC from 6-8 pm. @thelocalhostels Please RSVP to me here by PM or shoot me an email if you would like to attend. PLEASE come out to support INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS in NYC!!! • Films: J. Morgan Puett: A Practice if Be(e)ing - @jmorganpuett Walt Cassidy: The Lives of a New York City Club Kid - @waltcassidy Ben Sisto and the Museum of Who Let “Who Let the Dogs Out” Out - @bensisto Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man - @oldshul1 • Info: Artist’s Talk: An Evening of Short Films ‪Friday, January 31st from 6-8 pm‬ The Local NYC ‪13-02 44th Avenue‬ LIC • #filmmaker #artisttalk #documentary . . . #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm #licartist #oregonshortfilmfestival2019 #nycartists

35 5

Excited to announce that Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man has been selected by @oregon.short.film.festival. It will screen in Portland on Sunday February 23rd. . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm

87 6

Wow! That was a whirlwind of a weekend! I drove back and forth two times from Bushwick to Woodstock for dueling premieres at two great film festivals. I’m so honored to be part of both the @woodstockfilmfest and @bushwickfilmfest. I’ve seen some great films and got a chance to meet some incredible directors, producers and great film patrons along the way. Thanks to everyone that came out to support my film and all the other amazing films this weekend! Thank you to my team: @m0ldavite @davidurbano @ofishl @raw_weber @edmundk3 . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm #woodstockfilmfest2019 #bushwick2019 #nycartists

47 0

Scoot Meola - Music Composer Scott composed the score for “MO & the CLGM”. The process started with an exhaustive search for the right sounds for the project. Scott went through an extensive experimental process, sending me multiple files of different instruments arranged in various compositions. It’s not easy choosing music for a 14 minute film. There is only enough time to create one main theme and it has to be exactly right to capture the mood of the film. We ended up with shimmering bells mixed with harmonium to create an uplifting, quasi-spiritual environment and juxtaposed those sounds with grungy “Neil Young” guitar chords to echo the jarring and sonically disturbing nature of the church services. I’m so grateful to Scott for his talent and dedication to this project. He pulled some late nights to get it done simply because he was passionate about the work. I’ve attached a clip that I think highlights the best of Scott’s work on the film. Put the sound on! “MO & the CLGM” has it’s world premiere next weekend. Saturday at @bushwickfilmfest Sunday at @woodstockfilmfest ☝🏻link in profile with screening times, locations and a new trailer. Portraits by @sebastian_piras and @clay_patrick_mcbride Thank you to my team: @m0ldavite @davidurbano @ofishl @raw_weber @edmundk3 . . . . . . #les #lowereastside #eastvillage #history #performanceart #churchofthelittlegreenman #mikeosterhout #80s #documentary #filmmaker #filmmakersofinstagram #documentaryfilm #woodstockfilmfest2019 #bushwick2019 #nycartists


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