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⏳20y/o Physique competitor 📚Online Coach/PT 📈I help people transform their physiques 🥇#teamaesthetics 📍UK,Somerset 🔻SHOW DAY VIDEO!
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15.4% of aaron_aesthetics's followers are female and 84.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.40%. The average number of likes per post is 320 and the average number of comments is 36.

Aaron_aesthetics loves posting about Video Blogger, Fitness, Training, Coaching.

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15.4 %
84.6 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 91.26 %
  • Sports 64.25 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 47.28 %
  • How-to & Style 41.11 %
  • Business & Careers 35.42 %
  • Movies and TV 34.87 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.97 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 31.93 %
  • Luxury Goods 31.24 %
  • Music 30.62 %


342 19

Got myself a pair of the new @alphalete joggers🔥 best quality and fit I have ever had 👌🏼 • • Slowly approaching the 90kg mark with ease. We keep pushing👊🏼 1.5 more weeks of training then I’m scheduled a deload which is definitely needed currently at my maximal recoverable volume and fitting ALOT into my sessions. Will then tweak my training plan and swap in exercises where numbers are stalling and we go again 🙏🏼 • • #gorillaseason #bulking #bulkmode #offseasongains #offseason #alphalete #classicphysique #mensphysique #physiquecompetitor #gaining #weightgain

320 22

#gorillaseason🦍 we seriously getting thick now weighing 88kg in the mornings. Feel like I’ve really added some quality tissue now post show and I’m only 2kg off my previous offseason weight and I’m in a much better position in terms of conditioning( the lighting is hiding my abs, they are there 😂). I’ve just got to the stage where I’m not hungry for meals anymore so itl soon get tough as the food continues to rise. Thickness and density across the top is slowly coming and I’m only 4 months into the offseason that is likely to last well over a year so exiting times ahead🙏🏼 • • Follow my journey @aaron_aesthetics Any coaching enquires: Email me or drop me a DM • • #gettingbig #swoleisthegoal #gorillaseason #offseason #growing #full #pumped #gainingweight #gaining #heavyweight #onlinecoaching #personaltraining

469 46

THROW BACK TO AROUND 2 WEEKS OUT WHEN ME AND @joshbridgman GOT #fatfree . • • It’s clear from this photo when I’m flat and depleted my chest looks like shit and is missing some serious size and density and this was clear when standing on stage in that first callout. So until I step on stage in 2021 I’m doing everything I can to make this a strong point. General thickness is also needed across the top to make that waist look even smaller 🙏🏼 missing this condition but it’s all part of the process. • • Follow @aaron_aesthetics🔥 Any online coaching enquiries: -DM me -Send me an email 📧 • • #fatfree #shreddedabs #midsection #vtaper #2021 #fatless #depleted #firstcallout #abs #onlinecoaching #ripped #competitionprep #npcphysique #olympia #olympia2019

352 51

CURRENT WEIGHT:87kg STAGE WEIGHT:77kg PEAK OFFSEASON WEIGHT LAST YEAR:90.5kg • 10KG above stage weight and feeling the best I ever have performance in the gym is the best it’s ever been and strength is constantly on the up. I’m only 3.5kg of my peak weight last offseason and I’m not even close to cramming food and I feel condition is in a very good place. We’re seriously making some improvements and it’s only 3-4 months into this offseason 🦍😤 • Follow @aaron_aesthetics Follow @aaron_aesthetics Follow @aaron_aesthetics • Any online coaching enquires drop me a DM or send me an email 📧 • #emptythetank #full #pumped #pushday #chestpump #offseason #growing #gettingbig #eatingbig #gainingweight #gaining #musclegain

311 40

HOW TO APPROACH WEIGHT GAIN IN AN OFFSEASON 🦍 1️⃣ So first, how much weight should you be looking at gaining per month? This will depend on your training experience and whether your natural or not! But for a general guide if your new to training and a natural you should aim to gain around 1.5-2.5kg a month and for a more experienced natural lifter somewhere between 0.5-1.5kg a month. If you start gaining more than that it’s going to be in efficient weight and most likely fat. 2️⃣DON’T CHASE SCALE WEIGHT! I’ve made this mistake before in previous offseason’s picking a desired number I’d want to reach on the scale and just trying to reach it not controlling how much I gained each week and you end up not tracking food and just eating as much as you can to gain weight. This leads to a very poor body composition where most of your weight gain accumulates as fat which you don’t want. 3️⃣ OWN EACH KG- this is something I insure myself and my clients do when approaching weight gain in an offseason. Every time food is increased and you enter a new “KG” I’ll maintain here for 2-3 weeks and allow my body to recomp and look better and leaner at this weight, you don’t have to be constantly gaining week on week. This allows me to keep a good level of conditioning as I progress up the scale and not go overboard. So once you feel you look better at a weight then it is time to push the food up again. 4️⃣ Don’t let the offseason give you a reason to take your foot of the gas and be less strict. If your weight gain is coming from cheat meals at the weekend and it takes a few days to get your weight to stabilise and get back on track you’ll just end up treading water. Yes you should socialise and have cheat meals in the offseason as there simply isn’t a place for it while on prep but don’t let that be a reason to eat way more than you need to and use it as an excuse to fall of track for a few days. • • Follow @aaron_aesthetics🔥 Email or DM me for Online coaching📈 • • #offseason #approach #tactics #timetogrow #highintensity #armpump #bouldershoulders #density #thickness #gettingbig #size #armday #pullday #growing #gainingseason #onlinecoaching

452 39

Kind of miss the show day tan, I just definitely don’t miss it ruining all my clothes, marking premier inns bed sheets, smelling of soggy biscuits and looking like I had a skin condition when it faded. Don’t get how girls do it all time 😬 • Follow @aaron_aesthetics🦍 Follow @aaron_aesthetics🦍 Follow @aaron_aesthetics🦍 • #tan #showday #abs #shredded #physiquecompetitor #juniorphysique #bodypower #midsection #obliques

558 47

HOW TO IMPROVE WEAK BODYPARTS💪🏼📈 • • 1️⃣ EXERCISE ORDER- one way to help improve a weak body part is to be smart with your exercise order and place the weak muscle part exercises at the start of the session where you have no fatigue and maximal energy which will allow you to lift a heavier load and cause more mechanical tension compared to the end of the session where the quality and load of the set would be massively reduced. • • 2️⃣CORRECT ACTIVATION- one of the main causes of a weak muscle group is because it isn’t actually being activated properly and supporting/stronger muscles take over. For example this is extremely common on chest pressing exercises where the anterior deltoids massively take over when you loose retraction in your scapular and you don’t actually feel your chest working when pressing! So to solve this issue you should place activation exercises before your main compound moves to build a stronger connection to the muscle you actually want to be worked. This will help place the tension where you want it and prevent other muscles taking over! Slightly lightening the load may also help so you can actively think where you want the tension to be placed rather than your stronger muscle groups taking over as the weights to heavy. In my case my upper chest lacks as I struggle to activate it so before my incline pressing movements I do single arm cable flys with iso holds to get blood flow to the area and help me activate and create a good connection for my compound sets. • • 3️⃣ INCREASE VOLUME- another way to help develop a weak muscle group is to slowly implement more volume. Over the space of a training cycle you can slowly implement more sets to help create a bigger stimulus for growth. The frequency you hit the muscle group in a week can also be increased to help add more volume. Finally make sure you are driving progressive overload on every exercise to ensure more volume over the weeks. However too much volume can seriously prevent progression and development of the weaker muscle group so work up to your maximal volume that you are able to recover from! This will be individual to each person! • #improve #muscle #offseason #help #tactics


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