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75.0% of _realizingbeauty's followers are female and 25.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 38 and the average number of comments is 14.

_realizingbeauty loves posting about Beauty, Art, Business.

Check _realizingbeauty's audience demography. This analytics report shows _realizingbeauty's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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75.0 %
25.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 83.21 %
  • Art & Design 71.79 %
  • Movies and TV 65.66 %
  • Business & Careers 58.75 %
  • Children & Family 54.27 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 43.09 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 39.19 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.19 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.93 %
  • Entertainment 33.63 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.14 %
  • Music 32.57 %
  • Home & Garden 32.57 %


41 11

What are the conditions you put on loving yourself? Do you need to be successful? Do you need to be loved by others? Do you need to be respected by others? Do you need to be needed by others? Do you need to give to others. To be generous and charitable? Do you need to be impactful in others lives? Do you need to look a certain way? Do you need to be abundant? What conditions need to be met before you feel love for yourself? When what conditions are not met do you begin to lose love for yourself? Our love for ourself must be unconditional. It cannot be reliant on any exterior or even interior conditions. What if you were a giant failure and all alone. Could you still love yourself? Can you still love yourself? Do you love yourself? Our worthiness and our deservedness of love are not not dependent on any conditions. YOU have placed those conditions on yourself. They do not actually exist. Can you love yourself outside of and beyond these conditions? I am trying. Will you?

22 12

Taking action. Creating change. How much of the time you are spending taking action to create positive change in your life are you spending... Learning? Planning? Envisioning? Researching? Dreaming? Goal Setting? Those are all valuable and rewarding things but, how much of the time are you actually spending IMPLEMENTING what you are learning and planning? When you read a book, take a course, watch a video, are you absorbing what you are taking in? Fantastic! Taking notes? Even better. But how often are you actually pausing and integrating and implementing what you're learning? Or do you just keep on absorbing more and more? It’s time to IMPLEMENT! Take the real, solid ACTION. The action that might feel uncomfortable. The action that might feel hard, impossible even. Any action towards your dreams is valuable. But how many of the actions you're taking are really just another way of taking the scenic route and staying relatively close to your current comfort zone. It’s time to translate your growth beyond your consciousness and into your LIFE. I find journaling is one of the best ways to actually ensure integration and implementation. Transformational Journaling teaches you over 20 ways of diving into personal growth and healing and does so through journaling to ensure you are actually implementing what you're absorbing. We begin on Monday and enrollment closes tonight! Don't miss out on this chance to change your life! https://christapotter.com/enrollnow

26 8

Authenticity is not all new age and woo woo. It’s a basic human survival need. Not knowing your authentic self, and not BEing and living in integrity with your authentic self, creates a incongruency that is extremely detrimental to your physical health. It can actually kill you. It’s serious business. It’s not just about this whole spiritual path and trying to live your best life. It’s about living. This hit me like a ton of bricks today. My body is screaming at me to listen and I know my work is not done stepping into my authentic and best self. Our work is never done. In your life do you find yourself experiencing the following: • Being more concerned about the needs of others and ignoring your own needs. • Compulsive identification with duty, roles, and responsibilities rather than with your authentic self. • Suppression of negative emotions. • Belief that you’re responsible for how other people feel and never wanting to disappoint others and say no and create boundaries. These are all the common threads among people struggling with, and dying from, chronic disease. Anger is a healthy boundary defense mechanism. Do you supress your anger? ALL of our emotions are telling us something. Our emotional system and immune system are connected. Repressing one represses the other. And what does a repressed and supressed immune system result in? Illness. So what do repressed emotions result in? Illness. • Getting clear on who you are and what your needs are and living in alignment with them is part of Transformational Journaling. • Discovering and honoring your authentic self is part of the journey in Transformational Journaling. • Processing and healing emotions are part of Transformational Journaling. • Establishing self-responsibility and healthy boundaries is part of Transformational Journaling. If you’re ready to start taking your personal discover and growth seriously and as the priority it is then I invite you to join us in Transformational Journaling. We being July 1st! Link in bio. https://christapotter.com/enrollnow

22 14

How would you like to... Get Clarity on What You Want and How You'll Get It Imagine easily being able to make decisions to stay aligned with who you are and what you want and having a clear path to get it. Get in Touch With Your Authentic Self and Love and Accept Her Finally put to rest the masks you've been wearing trying to fit in and please others and society. Find out what makes you YOU and accept, love, and BE her. Become More Present and Engaged in Your Life Fire that hamster running in the wheel in your head and have the balance and calm to be present and enjoy the moment. Overcome Your Struggles and Blocks Stop wondering what's holding you back and shift those limiting beliefs into a more empowered vision of your future. Release Old Hurts and Guilt Stop living in the past and experience your life in an exciting and freeing new way. Tap Into New Knowledge, Answers, and Insights Stop searching for all the answers outside yourself and find the wealth of wisdom that's been within you all along. Unleash Your Creativity Give your creative side a new channel to be released and nurtured. You may be surprised by what you discover! The 3rd round of Transformational Journaling is enrolling now! We begin July 1st! *enrolment closes June 27th. Link in bio! https://christapotter.com/enrollnow

40 13

Join me for a FREE Masterclass next week on 5 Steps to Discovering (and Overcoming!) what's Blocking Your Success and Happiness... and all the other good shiz your wanting to call into your life! Register for the masterclass here: https://christapotter.com/ig (Link in Bio too!) . . . . #womeninspiringwomen #universehasyourback #loveyourself #manifestationbabe #marieforleo #inspiredliving #journaling #mindset #spiritualawakening #bestlife

26 13

There’s still time to catch up on my free 5 day mini course on self-awareness! So many amazing aha moments happening! Link in profile. P.S. Participants are doing to be receiving a special invitation as a thank you for participating!

49 14

As part of my own inner work I've been continuing to work on realizing the masks I wear and the conditioning I've absorbed over the years so I can continue to put them aside and step more fully into my authentic self. This morning as part of that journey I decided to dig out the old file my mom gave me from my childhood that contained all of my old report cards from public school and high school (along with other random goodies). I don't have a very good memory of my childhood but even from the cursory remarks that teachers made over the years it's easy to see the progression I went through of becoming more and more conditioned to be someone other than who I am. It was around Grades 4 and 5 where the effects of me molding and shrinking myself to try to fit in and be accepting started really taking hold. By the time I hit high school I was a shadow of myself. It was really sad to see this on paper and actually really heartwarming to see the teachers who, over the years, noticed what was happening and made pretty blatant attempts to bring attention to it. I wonder if teachers would even do that nowadays. I feel like the more conditioned our children become the easier it is for the teachers. It's become something the school system aspires too. Not to mention the flack I bet the schools would receive if teachers were as honest with parents and students as they were in my day! It breaks my heart to see how I smothered little Christa and let her be broken by the response she felt she was getting in her world. But I can heart expanding at the joy and relief of knowing that that person is still in their wanting to share her light. It is safe for her to share her light in the world. It is safe for you to share your light in the world! Can you see how you've been conditioned? The first step to almost any path on this beautiful journey of personal and spiritual growth is self-awareness. That's why I'm offering a FREE live 5 day Mini Course on Self-Awareness inside the Realizing Purpose Facebook Group next week! Have you signed up yet? https://christapotter.com/getting-to-know-you/

60 14

When the warmer weather comes I love transitioning my makeup look to more glossy and sheer lip copies. These lipsticks from @yslbeauty and @armanibeauty take tinted bombs to a new level of luxury. Visit https://realizingbeauty.com for the full review!

39 13

self-awareness doesn't stop you from making mistakes. It allows you to learn from them. Visit the blog (link in bio) to discover why self-awareness is the key to living your best life.

47 13

Being “high vibe” is all well and good but it’s taking daily inspired action that is going to have you seeing actual positive change and transformation in your life. How are you taking action to align with the life you want to be living this week?

48 20

When is the last time you really were present, got quiet with yourself, and thought about where you are and how you got here? Thought about where you want to go? When is the last time you gave real thought to what is important to you? What you value? What makes you happy? What lights you up? https://christapotter.com/who-the-hell-are-you-do-you-even-know/

40 22

I've spent my whole life burying my feelings and my pain. Unlearning that takes time. It takes courage. Please know that you are stronger than you realize. If you find yourself resisting your feelings take a deep breath and let it in. What is it trying to tell you? What does it want to show you? Your pain tells a story. You deserve to have that story heard. For if you shove it down with all your might it will simply rear it's head later in an uglier form. You can feel your pain. You can honor it and process it. This allows that pain to be healed and released. It's OK to be sad. It's OK to be mad. You don't have to be "high vibe" all the time. This doesn't mean you wallow in your lower feelings and stay there. But don't resist them either. The next time you feel something uncomfortable bubbling up, and you experience the urge to push it back down, I invite you to open yourself up to it. Hear its story. Perhaps it's an old story your tired of telling. Release it and let it go with love. Perhaps it's a new story you've been unwilling to acknowledge. Welcome it. What does it need you to know?


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