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Australia's first fulvic trace mineral alkaline water. No fluoride, no chlorine, no sugar. Hydrate your soul 🌿💦🇦🇺 ++ FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE ++

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39.1% of 3iblackwater's followers are female and 60.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0%. The average number of likes per post is 38 and the average number of comments is 3.

3iblackwater loves posting about Health, Fitness, Food.

Check 3iblackwater's audience demography. This analytics report shows 3iblackwater's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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39.1 %
60.9 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 77.57 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 70.76 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 60.95 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 50.34 %
  • Business & Careers 47.30 %
  • Sports 36.08 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 33.73 %
  • Art & Design 33.70 %
  • Home & Garden 31.80 %


22 1

The first question we always get asked: What is Black Water? Glad you asked! Link in our story to the blog post 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

29 4

Happy Earth Day 2021! 🌏 A portion of orders taken today will be donated to not-for-profit Ecological Society of Australia @ecolsocaus Funding is invested directly into programs supporting ecological research, evidence-based science and support of indigenous ecological knowledge. Moving toward a more sustainable future and planet 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

26 1

So versatile, tasty and magical... We love figs! 🖤💫 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

31 5

Minerals are the body's basic building blocks for health and vitality. Now you can add 70+ fulvic trace minerals to any food or beverage! So... #MultiplyYourMinerals! #3iconcentrate

64 1

Island dreaming 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

29 1

*Free Shipping Australia wide* #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

25 3

Up and at 'em! @chelseaeletva getting creative with her 3i brekkie smoothie 🖤 #multiplyyourminerals #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

61 0

Planning ahead! Breakfast sorted 🤤🖤 #3iconcentrate #hydrateyoursoul

31 2

Fulvic minerals have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic traditions. Proudly Australian made and owned 🇦🇺 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

30 3

Manifesting dreams 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

37 2

Now you can add 70+ trace minerals to your water, smoothies, salads, dips, desserts and more! It's never been so easy or convenient to #multiplyyourminerals #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

23 1

3i Fulvic/Humic concentrate now available on our website! Multiply the minerals in your water, smoothies, salads, juices, soups, dips and more! Tag us if you feel like getting creative with it and we will repost the best ones 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

26 1

Yin to my yang ☯️ #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

43 1

3i concentrate & sustainable glass bamboo drink bottle available now via our website! FREE SHIPPING ACROSS AUSTRALIA! #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

25 2

Gifts from mother nature are the best! 🖤 What's your favourite fruit? #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

33 1

Is it part of your ritual? 🖤 Ancient fulvic minerals have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic traditions and continue to this day. #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

25 1

🖤 Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! 🖤 FINAL CHANCE TO ENTER THIS AMAZING DRAW! 🖤❤️ WIN THE ULTIMATE FITNESS PACK❤️🖤 Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’ve partnered up with some great brands to help you & your partner/friend keep smashing through those goals. HOW TO ENTER: Follow @25apparel @bodyscience @thebigbottleco @migoals @3iblackwater @fitnessoutcomes @bscclean @cleancoffeebybsc @ballerblends @booseblend @karmabitesgoodness Like this post Tag your partner/friend on this same post on @25apparel *** BONUS ENTRY for each extra friend you tag *** THE PRIZE: 2x athleisurewear pieces for you and your partner/friend from @25apparel 2x Clean Coffee boxes from @bodyscience @bscclean @cleancoffeebybsc 4x Infamous 2.5L bottles from @thebigbottleco 2x GSDFit Fitness Pack for journaling & goal setting by @migoals 12x Unique Fulvic Trace Mineral blend Alkaline Waters from @3iblackwater 10x All natural High Protein ready-made meals from @fitnessoutcomes 4x delicious Protein Ball mixes by @ballerblends 2x Portable USB chargeable blenders from @booseblend 10x Popped lotus seed snacks from @karmabitesgoodness TERMS: Winners will be announced 17/02/21 at 6pm (Sydney Time). The competition is Australia wide and the winner will be randomly selected from tagged comments on @25apparel. The shipping will be covered by @25apparel. All entrants must be +18. This competition is in no way endorsed or in relation to Instagram.

43 1

Out of the shadows & into the light! Welcoming some new (glass) family members 🖤 #sustainability #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

57 1

Too early to start planning for the weekend? No way! Where are we off to? #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

38 0

The new black! #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater 📸 @tegansteele_loves 🖤

41 2

Morning go-to 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

40 7

You asked, we listened... 3i Black Water - GLASS! IN STORES THIS WEEK 🖤 #sustainable #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

50 6

Innovation 🖤 #3iBlackWater contains no nasty chemicals like fluoride or chlorine. The trace minerals are sourced from the earth using water only extraction (no chemicals) then added to evaporated water - that's it! Nothing artificial, no sugar, no colours or flavours. #hydrateyoursoul

38 2

BRB... 😍 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

33 5

Welcome 2021! 🖤 Some families have grown... #3iglass #3iconcentrate #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

35 1

Welcome 2021 🖤 Grateful for another year and for the chance to enjoy the simple things. #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

28 4

Your army! 2021 ready 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

31 1

Closing in on 2021! Time to reflect, process, grow & take aim. What has been the biggest lesson learnt this year? #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

26 5

Workout partner sorted! #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

46 1

Boundaries are subjective! #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

36 3

Face the shadow, discover the light 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

45 1

Lifestyle starts with the choice we make! 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

69 46

*XMAS GIVEAWAY TIME!*   We've got together with some amazing brands to give one lucky legend the chance to win this entire pack valued at nearly $400!    How to enter:  1: Like this post 2: Follow all Insta accounts involved: @hilbilbyculturedfood, @nibandnoble, @amazoniaco, @honestgum, @3iblackwater 3: Tag 2 friends in the comments   *Giveaway closes 11:59pm 4th December with the winner drawn at random and announced shortly after via instagram stories.   The winner will receive: @nibandnoble *1 x 1kg 40% Cacao drinking chocolate *1 x 1kg 65% Dark drinking chocolate *1 x 430g Nourish Granola @3iblackwater *24 x 600ml bottles black water @hilbilbyculturedfood 1 x Original Fire Tonic & Fire Sauce 1 x Switchel Lemon & Ginger 6 pack 1 x Shot glass & Stainless steel pourer 1 x Raspberry Shrub Syrup & Lemon Shrub Syrup @amazoniaco 1 x Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla 500g 1 x Amazonia Tender Jack Original 300g 1 x Amazonia Tender Teriyaki 300g 1 x Amazonia Tender Jack Curry 300g @honestgum 5 x eucalyptus mint pack 5 x ginger lemon natural chewing gum pack *Giveaway is open to Australian residents only and is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook.    #giveaway #win #raw #healthylifestyle #dairyfree #healthyliving #organic  #competition #healthytreats #xmasgifts #smallbusiness #supportlocal #drinkingchocolate #blackwater #naturalgum #proteinpowder #sustainable #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater #3iBW

31 1

No taste, no sugar, no chemicals, no worries! 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

28 0

Proudly Australian owned and operated! #3iBLACKWATER is dedicated to providing the community with the highest quality products that promote good health and wellbeing. #FreeShippingAusWide #hydrateyoursoul

23 1

All about those fulvic minerals! #3iBW contains the highest amounts of fulvic acid per serving on the market. We source the best quality raw ingredients for you to enjoy while on the go. Check out our website for more info 🖤 #linkinbio #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

51 2

Sharing is caring 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

44 2

Free shipping across Australia! Never a better time to try the most innovative and exciting functional beverage on the market 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

23 0

What's really exciting is knowing that there are absolutely no chemicals used in the extraction process of the fulvic minerals used in #3iBW! Innovation at it's finest! #hydrateyoursoul #3iBlackWater

29 4

We become the choices that we make 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

42 3

Minerals you can see! 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

41 1

Exploring essentials 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

46 0

Loaded with fulvic minerals! We pride ourselves on having the highest quality fulvic acid on the market. It's never been more convenient to get Australia's most exciting functional beverage delivered straight to your door. Free shipping across Australia 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

41 10

Celebratory drink anyone? Well done Melbourne and beyond for enduring one of the hardest moments of our recent history! Can't wait to get out exploring our beautiful state once more. Via @tegansteele_loves 🖤

35 3

FREE delivery to your door across Australia! #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

47 5

Yes, #3iBW is really black! Ancient fulvic minerals combined with distilled (evaporated) water + that's it! No harmful chemicals, colours or flavours, combined with a silky smooth texture makes for Australia's most exciting functional beverage! 🖤 #nothingartificial #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

27 0

Dark knight of the soul 🖤 #3iblackwater

66 3

Can't stop us from smiling! Sending out love and positive vibrations to everyone in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and the whole planet! We have control over what we choose to focus on, so the decision and therefore power is in our hands. 🖤🌏🖤

59 7

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it 🖤 #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

35 4

Teamwork makes dreams-work! Tag the person that inspires you to level up! 🖤 #3iblackwater #hydrateyoursoul

39 1

Do you remember your first mystical experience? #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

24 1

When invited guests arrive 😍🖤 Shop now live: www.3iblackwater.com.au #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

37 2

Naturally black ✔ pH 8.5+ ✔ 72+trace minerals ✔ No taste ✔ #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

43 6

Yes... It's really black! No fluoride, no chlorine, no sugar and absolutely nothing artificial. We source the highest quality fulvic minerals for you to enjoy anytime. #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

36 6

It's all about perspective... #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

48 5

Spring is here & our website is now live to purchase direct for the first time. 72+ trace minerals, no fluoride, no chlorine, no sugar & 8.5pH... #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

51 5

FREE DELIVERY Australia wide! ➕ www.3iblackwater.com.au ➕ #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

37 3

Australia's newest (and oldest) functional beverage! Packed full of nutrient-dense fulvic and humic acids whose job is to supply electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids that your body loves! #3iblackwater

41 5

Fulvic acid is nature's most potent antioxidant. #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater

46 3

Yin to my yang. Sun to my moon. Fire to my water. #hydrateyoursoul #3iblackwater


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