Top 1000 Tv Shows Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 548 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
401 Flynn Novak
TV Host Surfing Photography Travel Architecture Nature & Outdoors 27.4K 2.30%
402 Kim
TV Host Fashion Lifestyle Beauty 27K 4.10%
403 World of Aussies🐶
TV Shows Dogs Pets 26.9K 1.90%
404 Katie
TV Host Design Decoration 26.7K 0.30%
405 Bruce Kalman
TV Host Food Chef 26.7K 0.70%
406 Olivia Ward
TV Host Moms Fashion Modeling 26.6K 1.50%
407 Rachael Maurer
TV Host Modeling Fashion Music 26.5K 5.30%
408 Kylie Jenner
TV Host Fashion Modeling 26.4K 0.50%
409 Brian Balthazar
TV Host Dogs Pets Music 26.3K 1.10%
410 Katie 😘
TV Host Comics Geek 25.9K 31.10%
411 Travel &Living
TV Channel Moms Fashion Actors 25.9K 0.30%
412 To Be Continued
TV Shows Fashion Styling Design Celebrities Hair & Beauty 25.7K 0.70%
413 April Star
TV Shows Anime Geek Comics 25.5K 2.20%
414 Alabama Outdoors
TV Channel Design Adventure Travel 25.2K 0.30%
415 Maci
TV Host Fitness Training Coaching 25.1K 2.30%
TV Shows Truck 25.1K 0.80%
417 'smile'
TV Channel Music Singer Songwriting 25K 2.30%
TV Shows Music Entertainment Singer 24.9K 3.90%
419 Steel Angel
TV Shows Modeling Music 24.8K 1.90%
420 Just Me🌿
TV Host Moms Coaching Health 24.7K 0%
421 totallysketch
TV Shows Film Actors Director 24.6K 1.30%
422 Amber James
TV Host Moms Fashion Modeling 24.5K 2.00%
423 J. Morgan
TV Host Music Producers DJ 24.4K 1.30%
424 Carter Oosterhouse
TV Host Travel Founder Photography 24.4K 3.50%
425 Billy B Brasfield
TV Host Modeling Fashion Art 24K 1.00%
426 Carlos Lago
TV Host Cars 23.3K 4.60%
427 Katie
TV Host Beauty Organics Fashion 23.3K 0.40%
428 Cinelatino
TV Channel Actors Journalists 22.8K 0.10%
429 Jeannie 💕
TV Host Fashion Speaker 22.7K 2.80%
430 Thomas Stringfellow
TV Host Music Songwriting Singer 22.5K 2.10%
431 Collectible Treasures
TV Shows 22.5K 0%
432 Katie
TV Host Plus Size Fashion 22.3K 0%
TV Shows Musicians Music Film, Music & Books Art Celebrities 22.2K 0.90%
434 Amanda Kruse
TV Shows Fashion Styling Lifestyle Hair & Beauty 22.1K 0.01%
435 kylie is my 🌎💙
TV Host Fashion Modeling 21.9K 1.20%
436 Nicole
TV Host Modeling 21.7K 4.70%
437 Katie
TV Host Adventure Travel Coaching Health & Fitness Cooking Food & Drink Humor 21.6K 0%
438 Jewelry
TV Channel Virtualization Fashion 21.4K 0.10%
439 Children of Mountains
TV Shows Travel Fashion Adventure 21.4K 1.40%
TV Shows Food Restaurants Chef 21.4K 0%
441 Rafael Alduey
Actors Comedy TV Shows 21.1K 0.10%
442 Kim
TV Host Bikes 21.1K 5.90%
443 Brody
TV Host Pets Dogs 21.1K 1.70%
444 OUTtv
TV Channel Art Actors Modeling 20.8K 0.40%
445 INSP
TV Channel Film Actors 20.5K 1.10%
446 grady powell
TV Host Guns 20.4K 5.10%
447 Hannah Curlee Young
TV Host Modeling Music Fashion 20.3K 0.70%
448 My Tattoo
TV Shows Art Dogs Pets 20.1K 0.60%
449 Kim James
TV Host Nails Art 20K 0.20%
450 SYFY
TV Channel Comics Geek 19.9K 0.60%
451 ✨Kim✨
TV Host Moms Fitness Coaching Health & Fitness Cooking Food & Drink Education 19.8K 0.40%
452 Rey Rey Rodriguez
TV Channel Modeling Photography Art 19.8K 6.80%
453 Reef Karim
TV Host Tennis 19.7K 0.50%
TV Shows Modeling 19.4K 4.20%
455 Kim
TV Host Modeling 19.4K 0%
456 FX Group
TV Channel Music Songwriting Singer 19.2K 6.40%
TV Host Moms Design Interior Design 19.1K 0.30%
458 Katie
TV Host Health Fitness Coaching 18.6K 0.20%
459 brim-it
TV Host Guns 18.5K 1.00%
460 Natalie Jacob
TV Host Food Recipes Cooking 18.4K 2.10%
461 Isaiah
TV Channel Art Beauty Fashion Celebrities Photography Technology 18.2K 4.50%
TV Channel Basketball Sports 18.2K 3.10%
463 ✌🏼️katie
TV Host Fitness Coaching Training 17.7K 1.60%
464 Sic
TV Channel Music Entertainment Singer Film, Music & Books Celebrities 17.6K 6.50%
465 Richard Ching
TV Host Art Modeling Fashion 17.5K 0.60%
466 Levi
TV Host Fashion Modeling Styling Celebrities 17.3K 1.60%
467 Here TV
TV Channel Actors Modeling Art 17.2K 0.80%
468 • Travel •
TV Channel Dogs Pets Travel 17.1K 9.60%
469 Jenn Blosil
TV Host Music Songwriting Singer Film, Music & Books Photography Architecture Nature & Outdoors Art 16.5K 1.30%
470 Celebrity Page TV
TV Shows Modeling Music Actors 16K 0.20%
471 Lauren Brooke 🦁
TV Host Singer Songwriting Music 16K 1.70%
472 Katie
TV Host Writers 15.9K 1.70%
TV Channel Music Entertainment DJ 15.4K 0%
474 E
TV Channel Art Music Actors Design Architecture Film, Music & Books 15.4K 1.70%
475 ROBIN | 23
TV Shows Cars Luxury 15.3K 1.10%
476 Corinne Kaplan
TV Host Music Actors Modeling 15.3K 3.50%
477 ✿ TRAVEL ✿
TV Channel Travel Adventure Photography 15.2K 0.10%
478 James Kim
TV Host Coaching Training Fitness 14.3K 0.70%
479 AXS
TV Channel DJ Music Producers 13.6K 0.20%
480 Inspiration
TV Channel 13.5K 0.30%
481 Sustainable living + travel
TV Channel Travel Adventure 13.4K 2.50%
482 Beauty Guru
TV Shows Styling Art Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty Fashion 13.3K 0.40%
483 Wisecrack
TV Shows Music Singer 13.3K 1.80%
484 cristina guerra 💋
TV Host Modeling Music Actors 13.1K 13.60%
485 Uni
TV Channel Music Rock Musicians 13K 3.60%
486 Icon Muscle
TV Channel Fitness Training Coaching 12.9K 0.10%
TV Channel Events Design 12.9K 0.60%
TV Host Fashion Modeling 12.7K 2.30%
489 VH1 Save The Music
TV Channel Music Singer Songwriting 12.6K 0.20%
490 Angelina Marie
TV Host Fitness Coaching Training Health & Fitness Education Cooking Humor Food & Drink 12.4K 0.02%
TV Channel Entertainment Music Director 12.2K 1.20%
492 The Taste
TV Shows Food Restaurants Chef 12.1K 0.20%
493 Thanie
TV Host Beauty Art Business Hair & Beauty Celebrities 12K 0.30%
494 CTC
TV Channel Food Restaurants 11.9K 0.90%
495 E🦄
TV Channel Modeling Fashion Art 11.6K 2.30%
496 Cozi🦋
TV Channel Fashion Modeling Art Celebrities 11.5K 1.10%
497 Mel B 🗝
TV Host Speaker Singer Entertainment 11.3K 0.90%
498 Caitlyn
TV Host Photography Travel Adventure Architecture Nature & Outdoors 11K 4.50%
TV Channel Music Modeling Producers 10.4K 0.20%
500 in play
TV Shows Art Fashion 10.3K 0.60%