Top 1000 Racing Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. Weโ€™re currently tracking a total of 1,963 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Porsche
Cars Luxury Racing 22.8M 0.60%
Racing Bikes 10.8M 1.30%
3 Bentley Motors Official
Cars Luxury Racing 9.1M 0.80%
4 Alex - that girl with the cars
Luxury Cars Racing 7.2M 4.80%
5 Monster Energy
Racing 7M 0.40%
6 Ken Block
Racing Cars 6.2M 0.60%
7 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Racing 4.5M 1.10%
8 Carinstagram ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ผ
Cars Luxury Racing Technology Photography Cars & Motorcycles Health & Fitness 3.8M 0.20%
9 Super Street
Cars Luxury Racing 3.6M 0.50%
10 Nitro Circus
Riders Motorcycle Racing 3.1M 0.40%
11 Cadillac
Riders Cars Racing 2.4M 1.10%
12 Official Fox Moto Instagram
Bikes Riders Motorcycle Racing 2M 0.90%
13 Speedhunters
Cars Racing Luxury 2M 1.20%
14 MotorTrend
Cars Racing 1.9M 0.80%
15 Supercross LIVE!
Riders Motorcycle Racing 1.5M 0.40%
Racing 1.4M 0.90%
17 Biggest Motorcycle Page ๐Ÿ
Motorcycle Riders Motorcycle Racing 1.3M 0.10%
18 Speed Society
Cars Racing Truck 1.2M 0.10%
19 Formula DRIFT
Cars Racing 1.2M 0.40%
20 Richard Mille
Luxury Racing Cars 1.2M 2.10%
21 Rockstar Energy Drink
Riders Dogs Motorcycle Racing 1.1M 0.20%
22 Cafe Racers of Instagram
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders Photography Technology Travel 1.1M 0.40%
23 Slay
Motorcycle Racing 1.1M 4.60%
24 Ryan Villopoto
Riders Motorcycle Racing 1M 0.80%
25 Chad Reed
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 1M 1.40%
26 BrianDeegan38
Riders Motorcycle Racing 0.9M 1.60%
27 WorldSBK
Racing Motorcycle Racing Riders 0.9M 0.80%
28 Red Bull Motorsports
Racing 0.9M 0.80%
29 Moto ๐Ÿ’ฅ Street ๐Ÿ’ฅ Custom
Motorcycle Riders Motorcycle Racing 891.3K 0.30%
30 Mercedes Benz AMG & Maybach
Cars Luxury Racing 888.4K 2.30%
31 eli tomac
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 883.5K 5.70%
32 Ryan Dungey
Bikes Riders Motorcycle Racing 876.5K 2.50%
33 Scuderia Toro Rosso
Racing 850.1K 0.90%
34 Street Outlaws
Racing Truck 848.3K 0.60%
35 100%
Riders Bikes Motorcycle Racing 847K 1.10%
36 Dainese
Motorcycle Riders Motorcycle Racing 845.5K 0.40%
37 Official Instagram of Forza
Racing Cars 819.2K 1.20%
38 Roadkill
Truck Racing 793.2K 0.80%
39 Ovilex Software
Cars Racing 778.8K 2.20%
40 Haiden Deegan
Riders Motorcycle Racing 767.4K 2.90%
41 Moto
Motorcycle Riders Motorcycle Racing 763.1K 1.70%
42 D E A N O
Riders Motorcycle Racing 729.1K 1.60%
43 Jeremy Stenberg
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 727.8K 2.90%
44 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 718.3K 1.10%
45 Alpha Bikers
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 698.6K 4.50%
46 Arie Luyendyk
Racing 686.8K 6.30%
47 Motorcycles Daily
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 681.7K 0.80%
48 Ryan Tuerck
Racing Cars & Motorcycles Technology 664.8K 1.30%
49 2WheelsLovers
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 645.4K 0%
50 Gumball 3000
Cars Luxury Racing 642.8K 0.80%
51 #1 Sport Bike Page On IG!
Riders Motorcycle Racing 638.4K 0.30%
52 Best Daily Moto Media
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 634.5K 1.10%
53 Kawasaki Racing
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 632K 0.80%
54 Jeremy McGrath
Riders Motorcycle Racing Bikes 620.8K 1.30%
55 David Freiburger
Truck Racing 597.3K 1.60%
56 Cafe Racers | Custom Culture
Motorcycle Customer Motorcycle Racing 595.3K 3.00%
57 #Marvin Musquin #25
Riders Motorcycle Racing 585.8K 2.60%
58 Car&Vintage
Events Cars Racing Photography Technology 584.9K 3.00%
59 Ducati Instagram
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 583.9K 0.80%
60 Bikers with Style
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 581K 2.70%
61 Ducati Official
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 557.7K 1.20%
62 Cole Seely
Riders Motorcycle Racing 532.1K 2.60%
63 @ChristianEbong
Racing 527.9K 0.40%
64 Johnny Schaer
Bikes Racing Mountain 527.6K 7.90%
65 Brad DeBerti
Truck Racing 518.3K 0.60%
66 Robbie Maddison
Riders Racing 511.3K 0.40%
67 Dirt Bike Videos
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 504.7K 0.50%
68 Jeff Lutz
Racing 502.7K 1.20%
69 SEMA Show
Cars Racing 495.7K 0.10%
70 Motocross a Way of Life
Riders Motorcycle Racing 495.2K 1.00%
71 Hertrech Eugene Jr.
Racing 491.4K 6.30%
72 Goodwood Festival of Speed
Cars Racing 487.6K 1.10%
73 Rough Country
Truck Customer Racing 484.9K 0.30%
74 Race Face
Bikes Riders Motorcycle Racing 478.1K 0.70%
75 Chris Forsberg
Racing Riders 475K 1.50%
Motorcycle Riders Motorcycle Racing 467.8K 5.40%
77 CAFE RACER โšก๏ธ caferacergram
Dogs Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Photography Nature & Outdoors 461.4K 0.50%
78 Nitrous Express
Riders Motorcycle Racing 456.2K 0.40%
79 Jeffrey Herlings
Motorcycle Racing 451.6K 6.30%
80 Aaron Gwin
Bikes Riders Motorcycle Racing 444.9K 2.50%
81 Freestyle Motocross MX Quad
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 434K 1.00%
82 260K ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Events Riders Motorcycle Racing 428.8K 2.40%
83 Sheepey Race
Racing 425.2K 4.40%
84 Cafe Racers Customs Cars โ˜„๏ธ
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 422.2K 0.60%
85 K&N Filters
Racing Riders Motorcycle Racing 419.5K 0.30%
86 Emelia Hartford
Actors Cars Racing Nature & Outdoors 418.8K 6.00%
87 Pro Circuit Products, Inc.
Riders Bikes Motorcycle Racing 417.5K 0.80%
88 Moto Lord
Riders Motorcycle Racing 412.1K 0.30%
89 โ— SuperSport Motorcycles โ—
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 405.9K 1.30%
90 RawModified Official IG
Cars Racing 404K 0.40%
91 Motocross Action Magazine
Riders Motorcycle Racing 403.7K 1.20%
92 โ— Motorcycle Planet โ—
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 402.6K 2.40%
93 Enduro/Motocross/Motorcycle
Riders Motorcycle Racing 400.9K 0.01%
94 Pro Circuit Racing
Riders Motorcycle Racing 400.3K 1.10%
95 Bobber Motorcycle Apparel
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 398.6K 1.90%
96 Moto Phene
Motorcycle Riders Motorcycle Racing 387.6K 1.00%
97 Biltwell
Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing 386.7K 0.40%
98 Alpinestars MX and Off-Road
Riders Motorcycle Racing 385.5K 1.40%
99 Austin Forkner
Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 384.9K 3.60%
100 Motorsport
Cars Luxury Racing Cars & Motorcycles Technology Celebrities 382.5K 3.20%