Top 1000 Plus Size Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 667 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
401 Fuggit®
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 38.3K 0.20%
402 เจ้าใหญ่ CopBrand ถูกสุดใน IG
Fashion Plus Size Styling 38.2K 0%
403 Sash7 Boutique
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 38.2K 0%
404 Alicia
Music Plus Size Modeling 38.2K 0.60%
405 Liily AS 🌙
Fashion Plus Size Travel Celebrities Hair & Beauty 38.1K 0.30%
406 The Art of Streetwear
Music Basketball Shoes Plus Size 37.9K 0.40%
407 founders @Travymane @_e.iii_
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Celebrities Technology Humor 37.8K 0.90%
408 Mickey
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 37.7K 0.80%
409 Dorothy Combs Models
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 37.6K 0.60%
410 FlyknitUK
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 37.5K 1.70%
411 Suma Jane Dark
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 37.5K 1.90%
Modeling Plus Size Fashion Celebrities Hair & Beauty 37.4K 1.00%
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 36.6K 0.20%
414 Brittney Holguin 🦋
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 36.4K 1.40%
415 Mind_Marathon
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 36.3K 1.20%
416 Jessy Parr
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 35.9K 2.90%
417 No Filter Boutique
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 35.9K 0%
418 Sabrina Servance
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 35.6K 1.10%
419 Alex Sundstrom
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 35.4K 1.50%
420 Linda Downs
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 35.3K 2.40%
421 Saucyé West Plus Model
Plus Size Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 35.1K 1.60%
422 we love ARMPITS
Modeling Plus Size Fashion Photography 35.1K 0.70%
423 Randy Fernandez
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 35.1K 1.50%
424 L I N G Y W A S H E R E
Plus Size Fashion 34.8K 0.80%
425 Babydolls Plus
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 34.8K 0%
426 Effortless Boutique
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 34.4K 0%
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 34.4K 2.10%
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 34.3K 0.10%
429 C H L O É
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 34.2K 2.60%
430 Girlz Rock Club
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 34.2K 0%
431 💋💄Kimberly D.
Music Plus Size Modeling Fashion 34.2K 1.00%
432 Cayla Jean
Plus Size Fashion Modeling Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty 34.1K 0.60%
433 Makeda
Fashion Plus Size Styling 33.9K 4.90%
434 Londyn Brielle
Dogs Plus Size Pets 33.8K 0.90%
435 Instagram Plus Size Boutique
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 33.4K 0%
436 👟 ONLY SIZE 11.5 AND ABOVE 👟
Shoes Basketball Plus Size Celebrities Humor Technology Photography Design 33.3K 0%
Fashion Plus Size Art 33.2K 0.70%
438 Nick P 🇳🇿
Shoes Tennis Plus Size 33.1K 1.30%
439 Liz
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 33K 0.80%
440 Saucony ShadowLurking
Shoes Plus Size Photography 33K 1.10%
441 Meaghan Dowling 🌙
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 32.8K 1.10%
Shoes Plus Size 32.8K 0.10%
443 Mr. Ty
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 32.7K 2.30%
444 Lauren Rose
Plus Size Modeling 32.6K 2.90%
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 32.5K 0.20%
446 C U L T U R E
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 32.2K 1.30%
447 Jessica Bass James
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 32.2K 0.10%
448 All Size Beauties
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 31.9K 1.00%
449 Jamie Finkenthal
Actors Bikini Plus Size Modeling 31.7K 2.60%
450 B I A N C A
Plus Size Fashion 31.6K 0.70%
451 Rachel Evans
Music Modeling Plus Size Art 31.5K 3.50%
452 House Of Bella Rene'
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 31.1K 0.20%
453 Melissa
Music Pets Plus Size Modeling Celebrities 31.1K 1.40%
454 holiw23d
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 31.1K 0.10%
455 Adam Taylor
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 31K 0.70%
456 The Sapphire Rebel
Modeling Plus Size Celebrities Art Film, Music & Books 30.8K 2.20%
457 The CURVY Revolution
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 30.5K 0.20%
Plus Size Fashion Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 29.9K 0%
459 Tameka Watkins Content Creator
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 29.8K 0.90%
460 MakePhoto/ Croatto.bruno
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 29.6K 3.70%
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Fashion Design Celebrities 29.4K 0.30%
462 Basketball store
Shoes Basketball Plus Size 29.2K 5.60%
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 29K 0%
464 MzMagz Ramos
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities 28.9K 1.60%
465 Ⓛⓞⓛⓞ Ⓐⓛⓔⓧⓘⓢ
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 28.9K 0.80%
466 Lady Voluptuous
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 28.7K 0.30%
467 TR1895
Shoes Plus Size Apparel 28.7K 1.10%
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear Humor Celebrities Film, Music & Books 28.3K 0%
469 Pete Oliveri
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 27.9K 0%
470 King Curvy ... Hey👋🏾
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 27.8K 0.02%
Modeling Fashion Plus Size 27.8K 0.40%
472 Zipporah Bermudez
Fashion Lifestyle Plus Size 27.6K 1.50%
473 DC CuteThickApparel
Plus Size Modeling 27.5K 0.20%
474 🎯Sab_One_Customs
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Design Art 27.5K 1.70%
475 TorridFangirl
Fashion Styling Plus Size 27.3K 1.80%
476 Deadstock Coffee & Gallery
Shoes Plus Size 27.3K 3.10%
477 👑 | King of 6s & YouTuber | 🎥
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 27.2K 0.40%
478 Shay Neary
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Animals & Pets 27.1K 3.80%
479 Trainer & Sneaker Lab
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 27.1K 1.50%
480 @onewithlife
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 27.1K 0.20%
481 FLEE CLUB 121 S Western
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 27K 0.30%
482 Kiyonna
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 26.7K 0.20%
483 Nike Air Force 1 Gallery
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 26.6K 1.10%
484 Parfait
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 26.5K 0.50%
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 26.4K 1.10%
486 Liz Black
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 26.3K 1.30%
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities 26.1K 1.60%
488 Major Key
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 25.7K 1.50%
489 FL 🌴 | 250+ refs 🗣
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 25.3K 0.40%
490 9/10 Condition LLC
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 25.2K 0.10%
491 Katherine Antequera
Fashion Plus Size Lifestyle 25.1K 0.60%
492 Self Love
Modeling Fashion Plus Size 25K 0.50%
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 24.8K 0%
494 Marcy Guevara-Prete
Plus Size Fashion 24.6K 0.60%
495 Danielle Braverman
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 24.4K 1.20%
496 💕Learn to Love Yourself💕
Moms Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities Hair & Beauty 24.4K 0.80%
497 Michael
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 24.2K 2.40%
498 curvycloths
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 24.2K 0%
499 Ronnie Ron Kinney
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Celebrities 24.2K 0.60%
500 Joi, 30+ Style Enthusiast
Fashion Plus Size Styling Celebrities Hair & Beauty Design 24.1K 1.40%