Top 1000 Plus Size Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 667 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
201 ExtremeSneakList
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 97.1K 2.40%
202 Boughie Curves
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 96.4K 0%
203 Lena Luxxe
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 96.3K 0.80%
204 Essie Dennis
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 96.1K 1.70%
205 B-Bella Boutique
Fashion Plus Size Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 96K 0%
206 Faith Costa
Music Plus Size Fashion Modeling 95.8K 0.40%
207 @finehoneyz.xo
Bikini Modeling Plus Size 95.8K 0.01%
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 94K 2.10%
209 Lucy Watson
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 92.9K 2.40%
210 Sierra Monic’ 🥀
Plus Size Modeling 92.9K 0.50%
211 Jessica Milagros
Events Modeling Plus Size 92.9K 2.10%
212 The Sneaker Pharmacist
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 92.7K 0.90%
213 Chantelle Tyler
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 89.6K 5.70%
214 Young O.G.
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 89.6K 1.70%
215 Ramblin' Rose
Plus Size Modeling 88.7K 0.30%
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 88.7K 0.40%
217 Clémentine Desseaux
Modeling Fashion Plus Size 88.6K 1.80%
218 Isaiah Mays 📸📷
Modeling Publishing Plus Size Celebrities Fashion 88.1K 1.90%
219 Goldie Monroe
Plus Size Modeling 87.6K 0.02%
220 Nard Got Sole & HTown Got Sole
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Film, Music & Books 86.1K 0.40%
221 Alexis
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness 83.9K 1.10%
222 Sell Your Kicks‼️👟
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Celebrities 83.3K 0.40%
223 Vanessa Nicole🦋
Actors Modeling Plus Size Celebrities 83.3K 2.10%
224 Lace Lab®
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 82.5K 0.30%
225 Fierce n Kurvee Boutique
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 82.4K 0%
226 The Sneaker Buzz
Shoes Basketball Plus Size 82.2K 0.80%
227 Kristine
Actors Plus Size Modeling 82K 0.03%
Plus Size Modeling 81.5K 5.10%
229 Kate Tynan
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 81K 0.70%
230 Luscious2xl
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 80.2K 0.50%
Modeling Plus Size 79.6K 0.50%
232 Amanda Collins
Actors Fashion Plus Size Modeling 79.6K 0.80%
233 Starlett Davis
Modeling Plus Size Beauty 79.5K 0.10%
234 TanBanGotti💙🇵🇦
Beauty Art Plus Size 79.5K 1.10%
235 Discreet Pleasures Boutique
Modeling Plus Size Publishing 79.2K 0.40%
236 RachelleO
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 78.9K 2.30%
237 LayLay Mariee🌬
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 78.8K 0.40%
238 𝔐𝔦𝔰𝔰 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔞 𝔖𝔱𝔬𝔪𝔬𝔰𝔦𝔰
Modeling Art Plus Size 78.3K 4.90%
239 Monif Clarke
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 78.2K 0.50%
240 Jenna
Actors Plus Size Modeling Fashion 78.2K 1.70%
241 Your Neighborhood BBW
Plus Size Modeling 78.2K 1.20%
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 77.9K 4.80%
243 fineline1721
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 77.5K 1.10%
244 alisse marie
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 77.3K 2.20%
245 Natasha Polis
Plus Size Fashion Art 77.3K 6.40%
246 Heather Brannon
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 76.5K 1.20%
247 Jordan Magazine - Sneaker News
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 75.3K 1.10%
248 Brianna McDonnell
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities Hair & Beauty 75.1K 1.30%
249 Bobby Fresh
Actors Basketball Shoes Plus Size 75K 0.10%
250 Pop Up Plus
Events Fashion Plus Size Modeling 74.6K 0.20%
251 I Am Zyoness®
Modeling Entertainment Plus Size Celebrities 74.3K 0.30%
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 74K 0.40%
253 soplush
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 73.7K 0.20%
254 🍒Yasmina Greco🍒
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 73.6K 3.00%
255 Bella Bendz
Modeling Art Plus Size 73.6K 0.70%
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 73.6K 0.10%
257 Luxury Swim for Bold Babes
Bikini Plus Size Modeling 73.4K 0.10%
258 Maggie Judge
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 73.3K 1.30%
259 WindyCitySoleLLC
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 72.7K 0.50%
260 Laro Lagosta
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size Design Art 72.7K 5.20%
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 72.3K 2.20%
262 Desiree J. Plus Model
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities Hair & Beauty 72K 1.10%
263 Miho Fuji 藤井美穂
Modeling Plus Size Fashion Film, Music & Books Technology Celebrities 71.1K 2.30%
264 Alysha
Plus Size Fashion Modeling Hair & Beauty Celebrities 70.1K 0.60%
265 Killer Kurves Shapewear
Plus Size Modeling 70K 0%
266 Dana Martinez
Events Plus Size Fashion Modeling Celebrities 69.8K 0.50%
267 Feelgood Threads
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 69.6K 0.50%
268 plus_isamust 👚👛 👠
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 69.6K 0.10%
269 kicks4sale
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 68.3K 0%
270 Stacy Nina, The Curvy Poet
Plus Size Modeling 68K 0.40%
271 Mr. Magic MaallyMall
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Celebrities Fashion 67.7K 0.60%
272 Official only Backup page 🦄
Plus Size Modeling 67.5K 0.10%
273 Avenue Plus Size Clothing
Fashion Plus Size Styling 67.1K 0.10%
274 ENGLISH SOLE - Rare Sneakers
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Technology Design Photography 67.1K 1.70%
275 Bella Brown
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 66.9K 0.40%
276 Sneaker Consignment Shop
Shoes Basketball Plus Size Architecture Photography 66.2K 0.30%
277 Plus Size Style Watch
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Hair & Beauty Celebrities 65.9K 0.30%
278 Customs Trainers / Kicks
Shoes Plus Size Technology Travel 65.8K 0.10%
279 Reyna Bourgoyne
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 65.7K 1.10%
280 Heather-Nicole
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 65.5K 1.10%
281 margot meanie 🌙
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 65.2K 1.60%
282 K-Luv Curves Boutique
Plus Size Fashion 64.7K 0.10%
283 Supreme News
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 64.3K 0.60%
284 PlushDollsBoutique
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 64.3K 0.10%
285 DXC
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 64.2K 0.30%
286 A N G E L I C A 👑
Plus Size Modeling 63.9K 1.20%
287 ThePrivateStock
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Health & Fitness Celebrities Humor 63.9K 0.30%
288 #iloveswoosh
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 63.2K 1.10%
289 Alexandra Blaire
Moms Modeling Plus Size 62.8K 0.90%
290 I am the only @ms.quish!!
Modeling Plus Size Entertainment 62.4K 0.20%
291 Sneakers
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 62.3K 6.70%
292 Kambre Lewis
Plus Size Moms Modeling 62.2K 1.90%
293 Madeline Jones
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 62.1K 0.70%
294 Kaity
Plus Size Modeling 61.9K 1.30%
295 S T E F A N Y✨
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 61.9K 0.90%
296 A Mom|+Size Influencer
Moms Fashion Plus Size Hair & Beauty DIY & Crafts Celebrities 61.7K 1.50%
297 Sadé
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 61.7K 3.30%
Bikini Plus Size Modeling 61.7K 0.40%
299 City Chic USA
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 61.6K 0.10%
300 Julee Wilson (Mrs. Wareham)
Modeling Fashion Plus Size 61.2K 3.60%