Top 1000 Plus Size Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 667 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
101 Alexa G
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 188.7K 0.40%
102 Shout My Sneakz
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size Celebrities Design Fashion 188.4K 0.30%
Plus Size Modeling 186.7K 0.20%
104 ✨Leah✨|believe|beauty|divine
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 181.9K 0.40%
105 Carly Stone
Plus Size 181.2K 0.01%
106 Boutique115
Fashion Plus Size Styling 180.7K 0.20%
107 S O P H I A R A C H
Plus Size Bikini Modeling 180.4K 2.20%
108 Nzinga Imani 🎤💄🎭🇬🇾
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 180.1K 1.70%
109 Ivy James 💋
Music Plus Size Modeling Fashion 179.6K 0.70%
110 Morgan Louise
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 178.3K 2.40%
111 Civilized Nation Inc
Shoes Plus Size 176.2K 0.90%
112 H O L L Y . C O C A I N E🌺
Events Plus Size Modeling Fashion 176.2K 0.90%
113 ✨Jennifer✨
Music Plus Size Modeling Fashion 176K 1.80%
114 Envy Chic Couture Boutique LLC
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 173.1K 0.90%
115 PinkCurvezPlustique LLC
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 172.2K 0.10%
116 Kai Morae💋💎
Moms Plus Size Modeling 171.4K 4.30%
117 Mandy Crenshaw
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 168.7K 1.20%
118 Lacey Carroll | Pure Plus
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 166.7K 3.50%
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 165.6K 0.20%
120 Sara DeRaaf - Plus Size Model
Plus Size Modeling 164K 0.20%
121 Carmen Rene
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 162.9K 1.70%
122 Samantha Nivia
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 162.8K 4.20%
123 Andelalede
Modeling Plus Size Art Celebrities Cars & Motorcycles Technology 162.2K 1.00%
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 161.7K 0.20%
125 Klean Kicks️💎
Shoes Basketball Plus Size 160.9K 0%
126 Boardroom Blonde 🦄
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 159.7K 0.30%
127 An app for shoeheads &hustlers
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 159.2K 0.10%
128 jumbooty-bigmulatass
Modeling Plus Size Entertainment 158.2K 0.01%
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 157.7K 5.90%
130 Cʜᴇʀᴇʟʟᴀ Rᴏᴡᴇɴᴀ
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 157.4K 1.10%
131 LaLa Anthony Collection
Fashion Plus Size Styling 152.3K 0.70%
132 Koio
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 152.1K 0.20%
133 Preme Profits
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 151.5K 2.00%
134 Outlet Hunters LLC
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 150.8K 2.30%
135 Plus Size Model T A C O R E Y🔱
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Celebrities Health & Fitness Hair & Beauty 150.4K 1.40%
136 Official Bella Raye
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 148.1K 0.20%
137 I Am Queen Couture
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 147.4K 0%
138 Got Curves
Modeling Plus Size Fashion Celebrities 146.7K 0.30%
139 Ana Belman
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 146.2K 3.20%
140 Airmaxdrops Posted Daily!
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 144.3K 1.10%
141 Isabella Forget
Modeling Art Plus Size Celebrities Fashion 143.1K 0.80%
142 Alyssa Alexander
Bikini Modeling Plus Size Fashion Celebrities Hair & Beauty Design 143K 0.50%
143 Lexy Spreitzer
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 142.9K 1.90%
144 annastayziaa Աննա☀️🇦🇲🇺🇸🧠
Modeling Plus Size Music 140.3K 0%
145 Slink Jeans
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 140.1K 0.20%
146 #THEBASEMENT 👟 1,161 Pairs
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 139.1K 0.40%
147 Nike Stories
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 134.6K 3.00%
148 Sarah Anne
Plus Size Fashion Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 134.6K 1.00%
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 134.5K 1.20%
150 ➕ size lingerie shop
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 134.2K 0.40%
151 Cerethia S.
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 133.9K 1.00%
152 NBAKixOnCourt
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 133.3K 1.40%
153 AJ
Soccer Plus Size Modeling 131.6K 0.04%
154 Rosie Mercado
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 130.6K 1.00%
155 barbara chacon
Plus Size Modeling 129.6K 0.40%
156 Sunshine 💋💪😻 est. 2010
Plus Size Fitness Coaching 129.3K 0.20%
157 Plus_Model_SeJoya💋👠
Plus Size Modeling 128.7K 1.90%
158 Alyse Scaffidi 💜 4'11
Modeling Fashion Plus Size 128.5K 0.70%
159 Kicks These Dayz
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size Fashion Technology 128K 0.20%
Fashion Plus Size Styling 127.9K 1.90%
161 Amazing Plus Size Boutique
Fashion Plus Size Celebrities Hair & Beauty 127.7K 0.20%
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 126K 1.90%
163 Rosey Blair
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 125.7K 4.10%
164 Abaya Addict
Fashion Styling Plus Size 125.1K 0.50%
165 Eleven60
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 123.8K 0.70%
166 Carmen Denice
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 122.7K 8.40%
167 This Is My ONLY Account!
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 121.6K 0.70%
168 Sydney Bell
Actors Plus Size Modeling Coaching Art Photography 121.5K 7.50%
169 Kimberly Rogers
Plus Size Modeling 120.3K 0%
170 Heskicks
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 119.1K 1.30%
171 #ShopNU
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 118.8K 0.30%
Plus Size Modeling Celebrities Fashion Hair & Beauty 118K 0.90%
173 Kelly Augustine
Fashion Plus Size Styling Hair & Beauty Celebrities 117.2K 1.20%
174 Curvy Couture Intimates
Modeling Plus Size 116.8K 0.10%
175 𝓕𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓴𝓲𝓮
Plus Size Fashion Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 116.1K 1.90%
176 Ds Dan
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 115.1K 2.20%
177 𝓛𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓼𝓮𝔂
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 113.9K 1.10%
178 We Love Them BBW
Modeling Plus Size Singer 113.8K 0.40%
179 SneakerGeeks Clothing
Shoes Plus Size 113.3K 0.10%
180 Confidence
Plus Size Bikini Modeling 112.1K 0.60%
181 Plus Size Fashionz
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 112K 0.10%
182 City Gear
Shoes Sports Plus Size 111.8K 0.40%
183 Jewelz M
Plus Size Modeling 111.7K 0.70%
184 TheCurveSlayer
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 110.8K 0.50%
185 Natural Model Management
Events Modeling Fashion Plus Size 110K 0.70%
186 The Kix Gallery 🚀🤘
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 109.8K 1.70%
187 Elomi Lingerie
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 109.7K 0.30%
188 Curvy Angels
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 109.5K 0.50%
189 Super Plus Size Cutie
Plus Size Modeling 109.3K 0.60%
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear Art 109K 6.60%
191 🖤Shawna🖤
Actors Plus Size Modeling Fashion 108.5K 0.60%
192 RetroSnickers
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 107.2K 3.70%
Plus Size Modeling 103.5K 3.20%
194 Madisyn Marlee
Plus Size Modeling 102.8K 1.20%
Plus Size Art Modeling Celebrities Fashion 102K 0.30%
196 C U R V Y & P L U S S I Z E
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 101.4K 1.40%
197 SashDesigns“Saleem”|سليم ساش
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 100.7K 1.00%
198 Bellezas Bbw❤
Art Modeling Plus Size 100.5K 0%
199 Tmarkgotkickss
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Design Fashion Celebrities Art 98.8K 2.40%
200 Amanda Toth
Events Plus Size Modeling Fashion 97.2K 0.60%