Top 1000 Events Instagram Influencers in United States in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 9,124 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Millionaire Mentor
Events Entrepreneur Business Marketing 4.9M 0.20%
2 Belle 19
Events Geek Comics Anime 4.4M 14.90%
3 Fashion Kids
Events Shopping Fashion Accessories Celebrities Design Technology 3.5M 0.20%
4 going private soon 👀👅
Events Modeling Music 3.4M 0.40%
Events Fashion Moms Styling 3.3M 0%
6 relatable posts!❤️
Events Modeling Fashion 3M 1.00%
7 Interior Design & Decor
Events Design Interior Design 2.8M 0.70%
8 Fitness Meals🍗🍌🍛🍍
Events Recipes Food Health 2.7M 0.10%
9 hottopic
Events Fashion Modeling 2.7M 0.70%
10 Refinery29
Events 2.5M 0.30%
11 Interior Design | Home Decor
Events Design Interior Design Decoration 2.4M 0.60%
12 Makeup Tutorials
Events Beauty Art Business 2.3M 0.20%
13 Alo Yoga
Events Yoga 2.2M 0.60%
14 CC Clarke
Events Art Beauty Business Hair & Beauty Fashion Celebrities 2.1M 1.90%
15 Dance Goals
Events Choreographer Dance Singer 2M 1.80%
Events Modeling 1.9M 1.00%
17 art spotlight
Events Art Drawing Illustrator Design 1.9M 1.20%
18 Shredz
Events Fitness Training Coaching 1.9M 0%
19 JayDaYoungan💔
Events Entertainment Singer Music 1.8M 5.40%
20 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The #1 Car Page 👆
Events Cars Luxury 1.8M 0.60%
21 A M A N D A 💎 L Y N N
Events Music 1.7M 0.10%
22 P A I G E D A N I E L L E
Events Fashion Beauty Art 1.7M 2.40%
23 Meal Prep Recipes
Events Health Food Recipes 1.7M 0.60%
Events Modeling Art Actors 1.7M 1.10%
25 Tastebud
Events Food Restaurants 1.6M 1.00%
26 Crate and Barrel
Events Design Portraits 1.6M 0.50%
27 Female Things
Events Lifestyle Design Fashion Celebrities Animals & Pets 1.6M 0.90%
28 Ruby Games
Events Cars 1.5M 1.30%
Events Art Beauty Business 1.5M 0%
30 Fashion Active
Events Fashion Lifestyle Styling Celebrities Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness Design 1.5M 0.30%
31 The Knot
Events Portraits 1.5M 0.20%
32 I Heart Only Fashion
Events Fashion Lifestyle Styling 1.5M 0.20%
33 PureWow Weddings 💍👰🏻
Events Portraits 1.5M 0%
Events Art Visualizations Painting 1.4M 1.40%
35 Jojo Gomez
Events Choreographer Dance 1.4M 4.20%
36 Mads Lewis 🧚🏼‍♀️
Events Fashion Modeling 1.4M 5.10%
37 G FUEL®
Events Fitness Coaching Food 1.4M 0.90%
38 Shower Feels
Events Modeling Music 1.4M 0.30%
39 Lauren Summer
Events Modeling Publishing 1.4M 10.70%
40 Art's Secret
Events Art Drawing 1.4M 0.70%
41 Accepting Now
Events Business 1.3M 0.30%
42 street_style_paris
Events Fashion Lifestyle Styling Hair & Beauty Celebrities Design 1.3M 0.10%
43 Makeup Addiction®
Events Beauty Art Business Hair & Beauty Fashion Celebrities DIY & Crafts Design 1.3M 0.10%
44 Amanda Meixner
Events Fitness Health Food Cooking Health & Fitness Food & Drink 1.3M 0.90%
45 Happy Cat Club
Events Pets Travel Art 1.3M 1.90%
46 Wedding Dresses Gallery
Events Portraits Celebrities 1.3M 0.70%
47 Gym Aesthetic™
Events Fitness Training Coaching 1.3M 0.20%
48 Wedding Dream
Events Portraits 1.3M 0.30%
Events Beauty Art Organics 1.2M 0.50%
50 Summer Walker
Events Music Entertainment Actors Film, Music & Books Celebrities Humor 1.2M 16.50%
51 Zara Community
Events Fashion Lifestyle Styling 1.2M 0.40%
52 JJ Hannon
Events Music Modeling Band Technology Celebrities 1.2M 5.60%
53 Wow Planet 🌎
Events Travel Photography 1.2M 0.30%
54 Let's Can Even!🍸
Events Music Modeling 1.2M 0%
55 Makeup Tutorials
Events Beauty Art Fashion 1.2M 0.80%
56 Kleinfeld Bridal
Events Portraits 1.1M 0.70%
57 Style Me Pretty
Events Portraits Design 1.1M 0.10%
Events Fashion Styling 1.1M 0.10%
59 Wedding Diary
Events Portraits 1.1M 1.00%
60 LC Lauren Conrad
Events Fashion Styling Lifestyle 1.1M 0.30%
61 No 1. Fashion Blog 🏆
Events Fashion Styling Lifestyle 1.1M 0%
62 Thinking Minds
Events Styling Hair Salons 1.1M 2.40%
63 New York Times Travel
Events Travel Adventure Photography 1.1M 0.20%
64 Squat Challenge
Events Fitness Coaching Training 1.1M 0.10%
65 sincerely, tokyo
Events Music Singer Producers Celebrities Technology Film, Music & Books Photography 1.1M 2.20%
66 Catches
Events 1.1M 1.20%
67 Positive Quotes
Events 1.1M 0.80%
68 Our Food Stories
Events Food Recipes Cooking 1.1M 1.20%
Events Modeling Publishing Fitness 1.1M 0.01%
70 Fashion & Lifestyle
Events Fashion Lifestyle Modeling Celebrities Health & Fitness 1M 0.20%
71 Erika Angel
Events Beauty Art Fashion Hair & Beauty DIY & Crafts Celebrities 1M 4.80%
72 Wedding Forward™ | Blog
Events Celebrities 1M 0.90%
73 Chris Appleton
Events Styling Art Modeling Celebrities Technology 1M 3.60%
74 Cash App
Events Singer Music Entertainment 1M 13.50%
75 Conan Gray
Events Music Songwriting Singer Art Design DIY & Crafts 1M 18.60%
Events Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty 1M 0.50%
Events 1M 1.40%
78 Hayley Paige
Events Fashion Modeling Celebrities Animals & Pets 0.9M 1.20%
79 MyDomaine
Events Design Interior Design Fashion 0.9M 1.80%
80 Interior Design & Home Decor
Events Design Interior Design Decoration 0.9M 1.90%
81 Food tips for a healthy life!
Events Fitness Coaching Nutrition 0.9M 0.10%
82 Wedding Chicks®
Events Portraits 0.9M 0.10%
83 Alonzo Arnold
Events Modeling Entertainment Art 0.9M 3.90%
Events Fashion Portraits Celebrities Design 898K 0.30%
85 The Design Tip
Events Design Graphics Art Architecture 896K 0.70%
Events Fashion Art Beauty Celebrities Hair & Beauty Design 875.3K 2.30%
87 Country Music Association
Events Music Songwriting Singer 873.2K 0.40%
88 Dominic Di Tommaso
Events Coaching Training Fitness 868.9K 3.50%
89 Brianna Francisco
Events Styling Art Modeling Celebrities Humor 845.4K 1.70%
90 LensCulture
Events Photography Travel 845.2K 0.80%
91 Nick Cheadle
Events Fitness Coaching Training Health & Fitness Cooking Food & Drink Education Humor 840.3K 1.80%
Events Fashion Modeling Lifestyle Photography 827.9K 1.80%
93 Divine Design Decor
Events Design Interior Design Furniture 826.3K 0.90%
94 Angelica Hale
Events Actors Modeling Music 815K 2.70%
95 How To Practice Yoga
Events Yoga Coaching Fitness 814.9K 1.40%
96 Rodeo&5TH
Events Food Fashion Health Technology Celebrities 810.6K 0.10%
97 Pnina Tornai
Fashion Events Modeling Travel Photography 803.1K 0.80%
98 Ashley Rosales
Events Beauty Art Moms Hair & Beauty Photography 792.8K 2.60%
99 Jessica Ricks
Events Fashion Styling Hair & Beauty Celebrities Design 785.6K 1.70%
Events 780.9K 0.50%