Top Instagram Influencers and Instagram Users in Singapore in 2023
Find out who are the top Instagram influencers in Singapore. Download the list of the most popular Instagram accounts in Singapore.


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Singapore. We've profiled Singapore's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Singapore Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Singapore. We’re currently tracking a total of 299 influencers in Singapore with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

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# @Username Country/Region Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Marissa Leufke Nasution
Education Careers Parenting Moms Public Figure 1.4M 0.06%
2 Lindsay | style + reels
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Pizza Place 151.5K 140.19%
3 Luke Goh Si Wei
Nature Travel iPhone 122.5K 0.63%
4 Julien Royer
Food 108.4K 0.56%
5 Shaun Michael Seow
Finance Fitness and Health Business and Finance Training Coaching Health & Fitness Business Consultant 77.3K 0.69%
6 Miguel
Travel Architecture Design Digital Creator 75.9K 0.27%
7 Liyann Seet 🧝🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️
Finance Business and Finance 70.3K 0.50%
8 Mimi 🇸🇬
69.7K 0.30%
9 Singapore
Travel Photography Fashion 64K 1.50%
10 Milton Goh
Education Parenting Film Music & Books Hair & Beauty Food & Drink Kids & Parenting Blogger 63K 0.09%
11 amanda r.
Fashion and Accessories Moms Food 61.9K 0.07%
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Digital Creator 61.1K 1.39%
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Modeling Actor Creators & Celebrities 58.3K 1.44%
Entertainment and Music Music Modeling Celebrities Film, Music & Books Artist Creators & Celebrities 53.6K 1.18%
15 RUTH | SG Mum • FC
Finance Family Food & Drink Health & Fitness Hair & Beauty Business and Finance Yoga Dogs DIY & Crafts Financial Services Financial Service Professional Services 51.5K 0.28%
16 Lim Wee Yong - WatchAnishSG
Product Education Parenting 51.4K 1.00%
17 Larry Koh
Photography Product Showcase Travel Food Food & Drink Health & Fitness Hair & Beauty Film, Music & Books Parenting Home and Garden Lifestyle Digital Creator 50.6K 1.59%
18 Li Mengguo
Beauty Food and Drink 50.5K 1.36%
Fashion Travel Fashion and Accessories Food 45.9K 0.28%
20 из Калуги в Сингапур 💚 Singapore 🇸🇬 Mira
Travel 42.3K 0.99%
21 Melody Chen
Acting and Drama Family Celebrity Actors Moms Creators & Celebrities 39.1K 2.36%
22 Alisa YH Park
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories Romance and Wedding 37.6K 0.42%
23 Ben
Pets Celebrity Food Architecture Nature & Outdoors 37.2K 1.53%
24 Muttons In The Morning
Entertainment and Music Funny Music Food Dj 36.4K 1.32%
25 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐚 𝐕𝐮
Fashion and Accessories 34.2K 0.80%
26 Dog Whisperer
Travel Yoga Adventure 33.8K 10.50%
27 ⚜️jigs⚜️
Games Outdoor Activity Sports 33.3K 1.13%
28 John Caro
Travel Fitness and Health Entertainment and Music Celebrity Adventure 27.7K 2.06%
29 Nick Yeo 🇸🇬
Auto and Vehicles Events 27.3K 13.90%
30 Kezia Gabriella
Animation and Cosplay Arts and Crafts Entertainment and Music 27.1K 0.74%
31 * L.I.N.G ❤ *
Pets Fashion Lifestyle Cooking Hair & Beauty Food & Drink Digital Creator 25.4K 2.37%
32 Nicole @PinkyPiggu 💗 小粉猪姑姑
Food Food and Drink Music Restaurants Blogger Creators & Celebrities 24.9K 0.39%
33 Miss Lou 盧佩莘
Modeling Music Fashion Musician Creators & Celebrities 24.4K 1.29%
34 Justin Teo
Food Parenting Food and Drink Restaurants Digital Creator 24K 1.01%
35 Pixioo
Life and Society Hair & Beauty Nature & Outdoors Topic Photographer Photographer Creators & Celebrities 23.8K 1.28%
36 Yuki Ng 🇸🇬
Fitness and Health Hair & Beauty Personal Blog Creators & Celebrities 23.6K 0.71%
37 Yusra
22.4K 3.60%
38 Heman 🇸🇬💰
Food Home and Garden Lifestyle Modeling Architecture Nature & Outdoors 22K 0.80%
39 🌸H A C H I K O🌸
21.9K 7.40%
40 Tan Shidion - Dion
21.9K 2.58%
41 Alvin | Chef and Sommelier
Fitness Food and Drink 21.6K 0.40%
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Digital Creator Creators & Celebrities 20.5K 4.83%
43 Shawn
Travel Food Fitness and Health Music Restaurants Cooking Food & Drink Local & Travel Website 20.3K 0.70%
44 Nataly
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 20.1K 0.80%
45 Hani ♡
Beauty and Self Care Romance and Wedding DIY & Crafts Hair & Beauty Food & Drink 19.6K 0.65%
46 Singapore Events Portal
Entertainment and Music Education Music DJ 18.8K 2.68%
47 Dr Leroy | f.k.a. @ketobeast
Fitness and Health Product Education 18.1K 5.54%
48 Priscilla Tey
Arts and Crafts 17.8K 3.45%
49 Charlene Aeryn Kiew
Food Celebrity Music Modeling Actors 17.6K 1.74%
50 EnEn 筱恩
Education Fitness and Health Medical Health 17.2K 1.96%
51 Evan Tang
Food Travel Food and Drink 17.1K 2.15%
52 Mermaid Vanessa
Nature 16.7K 2.20%
53 Adam Toh / Yr Personal Trainer
16.3K 1.60%
Travel 15.8K 3.00%
55 Mariana Lucena
Fashion and Accessories 15.5K 0.49%
56 AC
15.3K 0.50%
57 M Ching Chia
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Food Hair & Beauty Food & Drink Digital Creator 15K 2.53%
58 The Vanderlust Official Page
Design Art Interior Design 14.6K 1.80%
59 Diana✨Travel & Lifestyle ✨
Travel 14K 8.81%
60 Kevin Jungnitsch
Photography 14K 1.40%
61 Pro Make-up Artist & Educator
Beauty and Self Care Education Business 13.9K 0.65%
62 jenny | twitch irl streamer 🌏
Travel 13.7K 3.50%
63 Kim
Beauty and Self Care 13.4K 2.65%
64 chanz
13.3K 7.40%
65 Jean ^___^
DIY and Life Hacks Arts and Crafts Parenting Home and Garden Personal Blog 13K 1.30%
66 🦋ʏᴜʀɪɴᴀ🦋
Fashion and Accessories Travel Modeling 12.6K 1.40%
67 JJ
Fashion and Accessories 12.5K 2.60%
68 🍒
Fashion Food & Drink Cooking Nature & Outdoors 12K 1.91%
69 카산드라
11.9K 8.56%
11.8K 4.10%
71 Joey Feng 冯瑾瑜
Family Beauty and Self Care 11.7K 2.07%
72 Sunthary Sivanasan
Finance Celebrities Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness 11.6K 6.16%
73 VELLATRIX 🧜🏼‍♀️
Animation and Cosplay Parenting Modeling 11.4K 2.07%
74 Rachel • Letteringinphosphenes
Arts and Crafts 11.4K 3.79%
75 JoonBond
Travel Modeling Lifestyle 11.4K 2.12%
76 Alexander Svinin
11.2K 2.00%
77 Sylvia Woon
10.9K 3.40%
78 Linda Lee
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories Celebrities Animals & Pets 10.9K 1.10%
79 Yan Teng (tebisha)
Beauty and Self Care Parenting Hair & Beauty Nature & Outdoors 10.9K 0.64%
80 S P Ravi Gunan
Entertainment and Music 10.7K 2.69%
81 ᴀʙʙɪᴇ ʟᴜ🍧
Education 10.7K 1.39%
82 E.
Arts and Crafts Game Hair & Beauty Film, Music & Books Design Cars & Motorcycles Architecture Health and Medical Services Nature & Outdoors Crêperie 10.6K 3.15%
83 DW 💋
Fashion and Accessories 10.5K 6.89%
84 ShiLi & Adi
Entertainment and Music Music 10.4K 0.95%
85 Cheryl 2.0
Product Showcase Fashion and Accessories Food & Drink 10.3K 2.41%
86 Julie Yoo 유지혜 🇰🇷🇸🇬
10.3K 6.10%
87 𝒻𝒶𝓃𝑔𝒻𝑒𝒾 ( 芳 菲 )
Food Travel 10.1K 3.00%
88 CJP
10.1K 1.50%
Entertainment and Music Parenting Music Entertainment Singer Film, Music & Books Architecture Nature & Outdoors 10K 4.16%
90 Isabelle Han 🤍
9.9K 4.76%
91 Borderless Creativity SG
Auto and Vehicles Photography 9.4K 1.20%
92 Rio Tylor 曾 佳 胜
Celebrity 9.3K 4.68%
93 K Faith
Entertainment and Music Parenting Food & Drink Cooking Cars & Motorcycles 9.3K 2.69%
94 Inessa Kalabekova
Arts and Crafts Design DIY & Crafts 9.2K 0.32%
95 FY Noms
Food Personal Blog 9.2K 5.80%
96 MAYA | 玛雅 | מאיה
Fitness and Health Arts and Crafts Entertainment and Music 9K 2.85%
97 ᗪᗩᗰIEᑎ ᑕᕼEᗯ
9K 4.80%
98 Charles
8.9K 30.90%
99 LG Han
8.7K 3.78%
100 Amelia.A
Scientist 8.6K 8.20%
FAQ: Top Instagram Influencers in Singapore
Who is the most popular Instagram influencer in Singapore?
If you're curious about the leading Instagram influencers in Singapore, particularly the most followed accounts, our Influencer Discovery tool offers a free solution.
As of today, the most popular influencer from Singapore is @marissaln with 1.4M subscribers in Singapore.
The second most popular influencer on Instagram in Singapore is @lindsayvoitton. The @lindsayvoitton profile has 151.5K subscribers. Among other top-ranked Instagram profiles is @seathebreezee. @seathebreezee has 108.4K followers.
How to find top Singapore influencers on Instagram?
There are two methods for identifying top Instagram influencers. The first involves manual searching on the Instagram app or website, which can be time-consuming. The second, more efficient approach is to explore our Influencer Discovery tool. This tool allows you to sift through a vast content creator database, evaluating engagement rates, target audience demographics, and more to select the most suitable influencer for your needs. With this tool, you can filter influencers by location, size, age, and gender to pinpoint the perfect candidate.
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