Top 1000 Ice Hockey Instagram Influencers in Canada in 2020


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Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Canada Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Canada. We’re currently tracking a total of 40 influencers in Canada with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Edmonton Oilers
Ice Hockey 561.8K 1.20%
2 Calgary Flames
Ice Hockey 370.9K 2.10%
3 Canadian Football League 🏈🇨🇦
Ice Hockey Soccer 141.1K 1.10%
4 Jackie Redmond
Ice Hockey Art Fashion 83.1K 2.70%
Ice Hockey Sports 80.2K 1.10%
6 OilersNation
Ice Hockey Sports 65.8K 2.40%
7 Julie Bélanger
Lifestyle Ice Hockey Fashion 62.4K 2.60%
8 Habs
Ice Hockey Sports 60.2K 4.20%
Ice Hockey Sports 59.4K 2.60%
10 Steven J. Wong Official
Ice Hockey Coaching Training 54.2K 1.40%
11 #1 Montreal Canadiens Fan Page
Ice Hockey Sports Humor Health & Fitness Animals & Pets 45.8K 4.90%
Soccer Ice Hockey 44.9K 0.70%
Ice Hockey 42.8K 0.20%
14 #1 Instagram Feed For Goalies
Ice Hockey 40K 2.20%
15 Manitoba Moose
Ice Hockey Sports 35.4K 1.20%
16 Steve "Dangle" Glynn
Ice Hockey 35.1K 7.70%
17 Sweetgoaliepads
Ice Hockey 32.9K 3.10%
18 Faces Magazine
Ice Hockey Travel Photography 31.5K 1.10%
19 Eliezer Sherbatov
Ice Hockey Fitness Coaching 31K 5.90%
20 Pro Hockey Life
Ice Hockey 30.7K 2.00%
21 Daniel Broberg
Soccer Ice Hockey 30.3K 3.80%
Ice Hockey Music Singer 28.4K 5.60%
23 Notorious Barbershop
Ice Hockey Soccer Basketball 27.9K 0.40%
24 Brian McGrattan
Ice Hockey Bikes 26.5K 2.90%
25 Melissa DiMarco
Actors Ice Hockey Soccer Music 22K 0.80%
26 TML News & Scores
Ice Hockey Sports Music 21.3K 7.10%
27 Vincent Ethier
Ice Hockey Photography Travel 18.9K 0.10%
28 Jon Elkin 🏆 #NHL Goalie Coach
Ice Hockey Coaching Training 17.7K 5.30%
29 Montreal Canadiens Fan Page
Ice Hockey Sports 16.2K 3.80%
30 Coach Justin - PerformanceEdge
Coaching Ice Hockey Sports 15.1K 4.60%
31 Holly Nimens
Ice Hockey Fashion Modeling Celebrities Photography 10.2K 4.10%
32 brodielawson
Ice Hockey Soccer 8.4K 4.60%
33 Brampton Beast
Ice Hockey Sports 7.9K 2.30%
34 Komarov is the best uncle
Ice Hockey 4.9K 8.90%
35 Hustle x Live x Lead
Events Ice Hockey Soccer Coaching 4.8K 7.10%
36 Le Trio Hockey
Events Ice Hockey Sports 3.6K 2.50%
37 Grey Cup Festival
Ice Hockey Fashion 3.2K 1.70%
38 Dexter Janke
Ice Hockey Soccer Coaching 3.2K 12.10%
39 Alex Mateas
Ice Hockey Music Entertainment 2.1K 12.20%
40 Jp Channa
Fashion Ice Hockey Lifestyle 1.6K 18.80%