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61.4K 360.00%
Tina Su - Autism Mom Coach
56.3K 80.00%
Wake for Akhirah 💡
Modeling 52.3K 340.00%
M. Imam Fadhil, M.T., M.Sc.
50.2K 200.00%
𝘩𝘢𝘺𝘢 𝘳𝘦𝘥𝘦𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘥🕊
18.3K 360.00%
🤴🏽Mcwasho Zama Dlamini
17.1K 1,460.00%
15.8K 610.00%
K Xin Ahlin 🌙
11.1K 520.00%
Amorae Monroe ♌️
7.9K 230.00%
Arlin Eka Ariesta
5.4K 2,420.00%
Irene Menichetti
4.5K 580.00%
4.1K 100.00%
Helen marbun
3.8K 330.00%
🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋
1.9K 2,250.00%
Aprilia Ulifatu Fadila
1.2K 260.00%
Motivasi Bisnis Online
1.1K 180.00%

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Education 0.9M 130.00%
257.9K -
For the sake of Allah
News Modeling 209.9K 70.00%
102.9K 20.00%
58.4K -
44.9K 10.00%
Redge Fit | Portable Home Gym
41.5K 20.00%
Fashion 12.7K 5.30%
🔵 Grosir Kaos Anak Muslim
12.1K 10.00%
10.4K -
8.8K -
5K 120.00%
CrossFit Gamlebyen
3.6K 320.00%
Anr Store
2.9K 130.00%
Female Leadership Academy
2.9K 140.00%
2.4K 426.55%
The Ribat Institute
2.2K 1,310.00%

1.9K 710.00%
1.6K -
Amrita level✧21
0.9K 487.80%

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It’s a good life⏱ • • • #polaroid #summer2022 #aesthetic #styleinspo #hairinspo #reminder #quotes
4,545 31
Being grateful doesn't mean you have to love every part of your life. It's ok to feel hurt when something doesn’t turn out the way you thought it to be, especially for things you have given so much of your heart. What gratefulness means is that no matter what happens or what you go through you are able to appreciate the journey, the greater purpose of those struggling moments and have faith in your heart that you are already enough and what you deserve will somehow find its way in the right time. #reminder Create a life you love💫 Bleibt dran.
2,557 66
لما شفت هالترند أول شيء ركزت علي هو سرعة القطار وكل يلي فكرت في بلحظتا هو الوقت. كرمال هيك قررت اعمل الترند وأعطيكن من خلالو تذكير صغير منعرفوا اغلبنا بس مننسيه .. شي جنوني كيف بصيروا الأشياء وكيف بمر الوقت، وبصير أسرع كل سنة عن سنة، سواء كنت عم تستخدمه بحكمة او لأ، عم تستمتع في او لأ ، عم تعيش حياتك بأكمل وجه او لأ، عم بتحيط نفسك بأشخاص مناح أو لا ؛ الوقت عم بطير. والمشكلة هي أنو منعتقد أن معنا وقت دايما. بس الحقيقة هي، انو جزء من حياتنا عم ينتهي مع كل دقيقة .. كل لحظة بحياتنا ثمينة وما ممكن ترجع تنعاد من جديد .. سؤالي الك هو، هل أنت على دراية بمدى أهمية الوقت؟ هل عم تستخدمي أيامك بحكمة؟ هل عم تقضيها مع الأشخاص المناسبين؟ تذكر أن وقتك هو أثمن شي عندك، وما فيك ترَّجع اي وقت ضاع من جديد. I saw this trend online & the first thing I looked at is how fast the train goes & all what I could think of is TIME. So I decided to do it and give you a small reminder most of us know but tend to forget.. It’s just crazy how things progress & how time flies, it flies faster every year, whether you’re using it wisely, having fun, living your life to the fullest, surround yourself with good people or not; it just flies. And the problem is, we think we ALWAYS have time. But the thing is, that’s our life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.. every single moment of life is precious & can never happen again.. So my question to you is, are you aware of how important TIME is? Are you using your days wisely? Are you spending it with the right people? Remember, your time is your most precious asset, and a lost time is never found again ✨ #pointalalynn #reelstrending #reelstrend #mindsetcoaching #trendingreels #travel #explore #turkey #train #istanbul #reminder
1,270 78
„Next time you feel agitated because you are falling back into past patterns, remember that simply being aware that you have fallen back into repeating the past is a sign of progress. Self-awareness comes before the great leap forward in your personal transformation.“ ask yourself: is this how I actually feel or is this my emotional history trying to recreate the past? ✨ @yungpueblo #reminder #this #observeyourself Create a life you love💫 Bleibt dran.
1,114 58
You heard the Queen 🔊 🎥Speaker: @jeniferlewisforreal #get #getupandgo #getup #reminder #reminders #jeniferlewis
1,119 21
'give yourself permission to create without inhibition - in a way that feels natural to you; a way that feels good to you; a way that feels authentic to you; that feels true. and, know this - it’s ok if your process or your final product doesn’t look or feel or sound like everyone else‘s . it doesn’t have to. in fact, it wasn’t meant to. the world needs what you have to create, not your version of someone else’s work.‘🤍 #reminder Create a life you love💫 Bleibt dran.
983 42
If the universe doesn’t need you you wouldn’t be here✨ #reminder Create a life you love💫 Bleibt dran💪
907 44
Tag someone to remind them 🌱 Via @sistercody #reminder #mentalhealthquotes #motivation #randomthoughts #relatable #mentalhealthmatters
421 2
Life happens – and sometimes we need a few daily reminders throughout the day – when the mind just goes too fast and our feelings, senseless. Sometimes, we just need a few right words to make us feel better . 🥰 #yoga #dailyreminders #reminder #yogaisforeverybody #yogapractice #hollowback #asanas #yogatips #yogahealth #yogahelps #yogafeels
332 24
✔️Inbox zero ✔️Log off #smm #reminder #socialmediamarketing #digitalreststop
153 0
What is Mojo Box❓ How does it work ❓ This question is answered here ☝️👆SWIPE Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about us. We have some very exciting new editions LIVE loaded with amazing amazing brands #mojobox #ilovemojobox #sampling #discoveringbrands #mojotribe #reminder
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