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Pasutri baru 💍👰🏻
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Rx Review
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Mathilde Lacombe
Beauty Lifestyle 130.2K 110.00%
Pria | Skincare story
101.5K 30.00%
91.5K 390.00%
Dama 🇩🇴
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Aashima Kakkar
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LaMonica Williams #Dallas
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informative buzz daily
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Leigh | Fashion & Lifestyle
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Real Raw Shampoothie
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Top Line Romania
Art 57.7K 6.82%
Você Hair Care
Styling Hair Salons Art 23.9K 10.00%
Moroccanoil India
18.6K 20.00%
Wow Skin Science
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Shapiro MD
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Natural World
Fashion 6.7K 90.57%
Chez Luisa
5.9K 280.00%
the Indian herbs
Beauty 5.7K 583.67%
Nourished by Shawnta® Haircare
Beauty 4.2K 108.78%
3.3K 250.00%
Terra Diverde
1.7K 180.00%
1.5K 20.00%
Solace Clinic
843 1,494.66%
Om Electro Homeopathic Clinic
250 320.00%
Dr.Nosheen Lokhandwala - Plastic Surgeon
189 529.10%
Cleopatra Academy
79 569.62%
Sona Healthcare
56 714.29%
Aayurvedic Medical
5 8,000.00%
4 7,500.00%

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Who wants to look simple when you can look stunning ☺️ #Haircolour - This time it is Brown Beige Balayage from @neusalonindia Thank you @neu.faizanasif for this #hairtransformation . @snehaarora197 @creators @instagram @meta #haircolor #balayage #brownbeige #haircolourspecialist #haircareroutine #haircare
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🤍 Haircare day💫 @zenzorganic offers a large variety of hair products. I started my hair care routine with the Shampoo Menthol no. 10. This shampoo provides moisture, strength and vitality to all hair types. Especially suitable for fine and greasy hair. Adds moisture, strengthens hair and scalp and enriches the hair with vitamins and minerals. Provides a decreasing effect. The hair is left healthy and shiny. Right after the shampoo I use the Hair & Scalp Rinse Fresh Herbs no. 87. This is a detox treatment for all hair types. Especially suitable for exhausted or damaged hair. The cleansing cider removes dirt, limescale and waste products from hair and scalp. Strengthens the hair and leaves it bright, shiny and silky soft. The ingredient Ginkgo Biloba helps to maintain the moisture balance💫 Enjoy a clean and fresh scent while the hair is cleansed with nourishing plant and fruit extracts from apple, aloe vera, sunflower seeds, camomile, cloudberries, apricot and peach🔸 Then I continue with the Conditioner Menthol no. 11. It enriches the hair with vitamins and minerals that soften, protect and add moisture. Leaves the hair healthy, shiny and easy to comb. Just leave it for 2 min on dump hair and rinse it off〰️ aaand the haircare routine it’s done ✔️ @zenzorganic.nl PR products from @purebeautypr #zenzorganic #zenzorganicproducts #haircare #haircareroutine #haircaretips #haircareproducts #veganhaircare #zenzambassador #zenzambassadornl #zenznetherlands
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@vedixofficial is a customised and completely organic Ayurvedic solution for your hair issues .They customise products for your hair with a questionnaire analysing your doshas after taking the quiz! After using it i saw remarkable results as my hair fall reduced and it has become much more healthy . You can simply go to Vedix.com and click know your hair button The hair quiz/ questioner is online , it takes 3 minutes , after you answer questions, you get a free dosha analysis and recommended products. . I got mine which is Anti hairfall Oil Hair regrowth Serum Anti hairfall Shampoo . #vedix #vedixhaircare #vedixlife #hairfallcontrol #hairfallremedy #hairfalltreatment #hairfall #haircare #hairlosssolution #longhair #haircareroutine #lifestyleinfluencer #haircareproducts #hairoil
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Number one question I’ve gotten lately is my hair care routine. I wash my hair whenever it’s dirty. Could be 3 days could be 4. Wash your hair when you know you have enough time bc it’s a process. Always brush your hair before getting in the shower. Helps with detangling, makes the process a lot easier. My hair does get oily, so I shampoo it twice back to back in the shower. I don’t shampoo the ends of my hair. I use a lot of conditioner and leave it in for few minutes then brush it with a wet brush in the shower. I don’t put conditioner on my scalp. I try to use high end products but I’ll buy whatever high end products are on sale. I now buy shampoo and conditioner by the liter bc it’s me and Kam so we go through it. I towel dry it until it’s just damp. I use CC hair cream it’s less thick than leave in conditioner. Anytime I know I’m going to blow dry or iron my hair I use heat protectant spray. I apply it by spraying the heat protectant on my hair brush and then brushing my hair. I use hair oil for the ends of my hair whenever I know I won’t be out in the sun. (Oil and sun is just going to fry your hair) i sleep with either a silk hair wrap or a twist braid with silk hair ties and I have a silk pillow case. Before wash days I put rosemary oil from mielle on my scalp and hair. If I’m not going out somewhere specific I always lean towards heatless hairstyles. Don’t over brush my hair but brush it daily. And remember to Wash your hair brushes with shampoo, hot water and apple cider vinegar. Other than that it’s genetics. If you want to see specific products I’m currently using just DM and I’ll send pics. Lol hope this helps 😘 #haircare #haircareroutine #hairgoals #hairgoalsachieved
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‘I’m Ready for the weekend’ AD Good evening lovelies I hope you are all well, I have been missing in action the last couple of day’s with review’s as I am still unpacking 🙄 the downstairs is now finished and the bathroom just the 3 bedrooms 😄 I have been reviewing this hair trio from @australianbodycare this this week that they kindly sent over to me and I am loving it These 3 products are in a box set but can be purchased individually too and they help to clear dandruff, ( dry and itchy scalps which I suffer with) I found them to be really soothing and they help to fight dirt and bacteria in the scalp and hair They are really effective against spots and pimples on the scalp and also good for psoriasis and eczema, they contain natural Tea Tree Oil as well as being | 100% vegan The package contains Serum Scalp 150 ml, Hair Clean Shampoo 250 ml and Hair Care Conditioner 250 ml They are a great set of haircare products and are affordable too the set of three retails at £29.99 but like I said are available separately you can use my code which is JO10 for money off https://australian-bodycare.uk/products/scalp-treatment-kit?_pos=3&_sid=f3af10972&_ss=r Thank you @australianbodycare for kindly #gifting me your hair care range in exchange for my honest review . . . #australianbodycare_UK #teatreeoil #hair #haircare #haircareroutine #hairinspo #hairtransformation #hairgoals #hairlove #hairserum #shampoo #conditioner #crueltyfree #vegan #jo_h31 #dandruff #psoriasis ##eczema #pimples #ukinfluencer #review #giftedcollab #hairinspiration #hairgoals #blondehair #contentcreator #fypシ #explorepage
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#luxuriskincare #haircareroutine #inatagram #luxuri
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Some shots retouched for #jaybeverlyhills haircare campaign ☀️ Summer mood and summer vibes to celebrate the first day of August 🌻💛 #haircareroutine #highendretouch #highendretoucher #retoucher #retouching #retouch
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Spa days are a necessity not a luxury.❤️ Thank you so much @ts_studio_salon_jankpuri and @gypsysyrup for this amazing spa ✨ They focus on your damaged portions of hair and try to fix your problems . I had an amazing experience. • Amazing hospitality • Humble staff • superb services Also amazing offers are going on @ts_studio_salon_jankpuri hair spa is at @599 So do visit guys @ts_studio_salon_jankpuri #reelsinstagram #reelsinstagram #trendingreels #trendingsongs #trending #reelsvideo #reelitfeelit❤️❤️ #viral #viralreels #spaday #spahair #haircare #haircareroutine #haircaretips #haircareproduct #careproducts #salon #treatment #hairtreatment #explorepage #explorepage✨ #exploring
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It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up. #motivationmonday ____________________________ Es un proceso lento, pero renunciando no lo acelerará. #motivacionlunes . 📷 @hairhairhairhairhairhairhair . . . . . . . . . . #transitioninghair #heatdamage #hairrecovery #haircare #haircareroutine #scalpmassage #masajecapilar #pelodañado #pelosano #cabellosano #rutina #righteousrootsoils #deepconditioning #righteousrootsdistribution
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Good hair day w/ @daehair 💗 In love with DAE, their shampoo and conditioner smells amazing and leave my hair soft & smooth! The Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream helps to tame my flyaways beautifully, I can not do without🥹💕 #daehair #dae #goodhairday #hairgoals #brunettebalayage #longhair #haircareroutine #springlook #springstyle #springfashion #minimalstyle #springpastels #discoverunder20k #cottagecoreaesthetic #outfitdujour
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I have recently tried this amazing mask as Hibiscus 🌺 season is full on swing. Hibiscus flower is one of the best ingredient that aids hair growth from dormant hair follicles & helping cover bald patches. . For this mask You simply need :- 🔴 Curd - 2 tbsp ( take as per your hair growth). 🔴 Handful curry leaves. 🔴 2 Hibiscus flower Petals - if you don’t have fresh flower you can use Hibiscus powder too. Blend in mixer and apply from roots to end. Keep it for 25 to 30 mins. Wash your hair as you do. You can use twice a week and with regular application you will see it’s magic. It doesn’t promote only hair growth but also treat baldness & makes scalp healthy. Do try and let me know how it works on you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hairmask #hairmasknatural #haircare #haircareroutine #hibiscusmask #hairmaskhomemade #homemadehairmask #haircaretips #hairgrowthmask
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QUAL O VOSSO MAIOR ERRO DE BELEZA? . 👉 Foi uma pergunta que me fizeram recentemente e achei engraçado partilhar convosco. Mas quero saber o(s) vosso(s) também, combinado? . 1️⃣ Usei uma vez um gel de banho como hidratante (não me digam nada!!). Eu já era uma apaixonada por produtos, mas isto foi nos anos 80. Foi o que apanhei à mão. Fiquei com um rash enorme! . 2️⃣ Não vamos falar sobre os anos e anos na praia sem protetor solar, pois não?! . 3️⃣ Madeixas loiras (sim, eu usei, ahahah) que deram bronca! O meu cabelo partiu todo. Claro que nunca mais fiz. . 4️⃣ Alourar os pelos das pernas. Não ficou bonito. Não disfarçou. Mais valia ter usado logo um creme depilatório! (eu tinha uns 12 anos) . 5️⃣ Não testar um autobronzeador numa zona pequena da pele. Resultado: uma alergia enorme que me obrigou a usar anti-histamínico! E 10 dias cheia de borbulhas (e às manchas)! . Felizmente há coisas que mudam! Agora vocês? . #beautyst #beautydermawebsite #beautyover30 #beautyover40 #beautyover50 #beautyover60 #beautyproblems #skincareroutines #haircareroutine #hairproblems #hairproblem #skinproblems #skinproblem
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