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Gadgets cool amazing
221.5K 170.00%
Ⓜ️endir-ET & KahVaLTı
165.6K 30.00%
Actors 121.3K -
Cool Home Gadgets
52.2K 10.00%
Cool Tech Gadgets
Events Travel Management 37.9K 90.00%
The Broken Hammer
37.1K 110.00%
Cool Gadgets
12K -
all best gadgets
9.3K 40.00%
James White
7.8K 330.00%
3.4K -

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255K 90.00%
115.2K 100.00%
UPStore Gadget Center
59.8K -
30.2K 20.00%
MiniInTheBox.com Gadgets
27.7K 60.00%
Food and Drink Food Restaurants 17.3K 130.00%
Gadget store Walhalla
15.5K 190.00%
Gadgets VS
13.9K 20.00%
Gadget Outlets
12.1K -
Gadget Discovery Club
11K 20.00%
8.2K 10.00%
6.9K 80.00%
Waffer Shop 🇱🇧
6.6K -
Fortem Store
6.2K -
5K 60.00%
3.5K 180.00%
Rollin Technologies
2.1K -
Oskar Gadgets Hargeisa
1.9K 50.00%
Gadget Box
1.5K -
CVRD (kuh·vrd)
1.4K 130.00%

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Gameboy Console Unboxing! 🕹️😱 This is a Gameboy-like console that plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games 🤯. It’s called the Analogue Pocket, and it is the best modern-day Gameboy thanks to its 1600x1440 LCD, which is supposed to have 10x the resolution of an original Gameboy. It really feels like a polished and minimalist Game Boy Color, but with a screen that looks way better than in any other Game Boy handheld. My Pokemon Ruby looks so good thanks to its colorful display 🔥 What’s crazy is that you can also buy adapters to play games from the Game Gear, the Neo Geo Pocket Color and the Atari Lynx consoles. And just like with the Nintendo Switch, there’s a dock that can be used to display your Analogue Pocket to your TV. Sadly this dock has to be purchased separately, but it’s a good option to have nonetheless. Overall this such a good purchase for anyone interested in replaying their retro games and childhood memories. I do have to warn everyone about delivery dates. I purchased mine in 2021 and received it a year later. Analogue was very transparent about this on their website, but I just wanted to let you know beforehand. So please check the expected delivery date(s) if you are considering this console. However, it was definitely worth the wait for me 🙌🏼 #gaming #gamer #nintendo #gameboy #accessory #gadgets #retro #setupinspiration #setup #tech #technology #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #musthave #useful
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iPhone Gameboy Case! 📱+ 🕹🔥 When I first saw this on Amazon I couldn’t believe that such a thin case could legitimately play retro games. But it actually works! The best part is that it has 36 different games including Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong (oldest arcade version), Tetris, Galaga, Ice Climber, Boom Man (bomber man) and many others. The games I mentioned are the best ones included, but just the fact that I can play Super Mario Bros in an iPhone case makes it worth it to me. Also, please note that these games are some of the oldest versions of each series, which is to be expected because the case is too thin to handle anything more advanced. As far as this case being a case, well, it’s not too good at that. It really isn’t protective and if anything, it is more delicate because the gameboy can break if it falls. Also, it is one more item that you have to charge so that can become tedious. However, I think this is a great novelty item for those that like retro games, perhaps to play while on a plane or during long road trips. What do you guys think? #iphone13 #iphone14 #apple #accessory #gadgets #gaming #gameboy #retro #setupinspiration #setup #tech #technology #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #musthave
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Mini PC Unboxing! 🖥️🤯 This a mini computer that looks like two USB drives sandwiched together, which transforms any monitor or TV into a full Windows PC experience. Simply plug it directly with it’s HDMI integrated connector, plug in the power cable, and you’re ready to start browsing. One minor downside is that the PC stick is quite thick, so it may not connect into all HDMI ports as smoothly, like it didn’t connect with my monitor due to the awkward port space. Thankfully it comes with an extension cable to help fit it in. Also, the PC is thick because it has fans inside to keep it cool. These fans will run for most of the time the PC is on, and they are somewhat loud for their small size. However, the sound does get washed out once you turn up the volume of whatever you are watching. It’s important to note that the PC stick doesn’t have speakers, so you will need speakers if your monitor/tv doesn’t have them integrated. However, putting those minor downsides aside, this device is an incredible option to have a compact PC. It works great to transform a Hotel TV into a computer, to stream Netflix or YouTube. It can also be a great device to turn an old monitor into a functioning computer. Anyone with an old monitor can get one of these to create a new PC for their home. It handles light tasks smoothly, web browsing with no hiccups, and streaming worked great too. The mini PC also has 2 USB ports, so you can plug in a keyboard or any other accessories. Overall this is an amazing concept that hopefully progresses so we can have super powerful compact PCs 🙌🏼 Would you buy one? 🤔 #pc #laptop #accessory #gadgets #useful #setup #setupinspiration #tech #technology #desksetup #amazonfinds #musthave #wfh #gaming #edc
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A Speaker for Gaming! 🤯 What a cool concept — a speaker for your console with great surround sound so you can play competitively without wearing a headset. And it delivers, this speaker is an amazing option to have loud and good sound quality without having sweaty ears. The speaker even has an integrated microphone to communicate with your teammates, so it’s truly a headset replacement. It does requires a cable to connect to a console or PC, but it also has an integrated battery so it can be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone. To be clear, this is not the best sounding speaker nor is it better than headphones. It is relatively small so of course there are bigger speakers out there with better sound, and a headset might be better because you have sound directly on each ear, so it’s easier to know where an enemy is coming from. However, this is by far the best speaker you can get if you own an LG UltraGear Monitor because it fits right it and packs a lot of punch for its size. It’s also the best option for those that don’t like wearing a headset. Overall it is truly one of its kind and I hope that LG creates newer versions of it in the future 🙌🏼 PLEASE NOTE: For Xbox Series X you will need a 4K HDMI to HDMI audio extractor converter, an optical audio cable, and an additional HDMI cable. Sadly this was the biggest downside in my experience, but it worked so well once I was able to connect it. #gaming #xbox #xboxone #playstation #ps5 #pc #accessory #gadgets #setupinspiration #setup #tech #technology #desksetup #musthave #wfh
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Xbox Attachable Monitor! 🎮😲 This is the G-STORY Portable Monitor, a must-have for those that like to travel with their Xbox Series X. This is an attachable monitor that allows you to play Xbox anywhere that there is a wall outlet. You simply connect the console and monitor, open the display, and you are ready to game. The monitor even has integrated speakers so you don’t have to carry a headset unless you want to chat in multiplayer. I’m honestly impressed with how well this monitor works and I also really like how thin it is. The Xbox Series X is already huge so it’s amazing being able to add a 12.5” monitor without making it that much thicker. The monitor weighs 3.64 pounds, which is a bit heavy compared to other portable monitors, but there’s really no other monitor that attaches like this one. Props to G-STORY for inventing the most portable way to carry an Xbox with a monitor. Overall this is a great solution for trips that involve staying at airbnbs, hotels, cabins or grandma’s house. Would you buy something like this to game when you travel? 🤔 #gaming #gamer #xbox #xboxone #accessory #gadgets #setupinspiration #setup #tech #technology #useful #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #desksetup #musthave
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Tim cooked talks about the new iPhone 14 . . . (Full video in my bio) Vfx by @vertex_concepts #iphonography #iphone14 #apple #phones #gadgets #viral #viralvideos #viralreels
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iPhone Portable Stand Unboxing! 📱+ 🧲🔥 This is the Mophie Portable Stand! It’s a foldable stand that attaches to your iPhone using the MagSafe magnets in the back (for iPhone 12 and newer). The fabric on the outside feels high quality and durable, similar to a ballistic nylon finish, and the soft interior is perfect to place your iPhone without scratching it. It resembles the iPad Magic Keyboard made by Apple, which holds the iPad mid-air and can be adjusted to multiple viewing angles. So Mophie did an awesome job because it feels like the iPhone stand that Apple would make. The stand is bit wider than I expected, but it made sense because it holds the big MagSafe magnet. However, the wideness hasn’t been a problem because it is very thin when folded, so it fits in my backpack easily. I also like that it holds the iPhone mid-air vertically, because this allows you to easily charge while watching Reels and other vertical videos. I am liking it a lot so far! Would you buy it? Let me know your thoughts! #iphone14 #iphone13 #apple #accessory #gadgets #useful #setupinspiration #setup #tech #technology #desksetup #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #musthave #wfh
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😯😯😯 Follow us 👉@gadgets.tube ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💥💥Source: DM for credit 📍DM for credit or removal request (no copyright intended) . 🔗 All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . . #engthings #gadgets #gadget #tool #tools #science #design #uk #usa #toolands #amazing #engineering #cooltools #technology #handtool
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Gadget Organizer 💼🔥 This was a cool product to try out because I’m always looking for more efficient ways to carry and organize my tech. It’s called the Orbitkey Nest, and it’s a solid rectangular box with a leather cover and an integrated wireless charger 🔋🙌🏼 This item is one of a kind because organizers are usually flimsy pouches, and they are usually meant to live inside of your backpack. Instead, this is a solid piece with a nylon texture on the outside, and a leather cover, which works as a tray to place your phone and other items. Orbitkey advertises the Nest as a Desk Organizer to transport desk essentials from one place to the another. It works really well if you have a work setup at home, and another work setup at an office — you can easily transport your items between setups by using the Nest. Overall it’s a neat solution and I think it will be very useful when traveling. It provides an easy way to carry my tech essentials in an organized and protected way. I can see myself placing it on a bed stand at an airbnb or hotel, to keep every gadget at hand. The wireless charger in the tray is the only downside, since it’s hard to place your phone in the exact spot to charge it wirelessly. But this is not a big deal for me as I’ll be using the Nest primarily to store my gadgets. Also, my favorite feature are the velcro dividers that can adjust to your liking. It truly adapts to your needs so I’m really liking it so far👌🏼 Would you buy something like this to keep things organized? 🤔 #iphone13 #iphone14 #apple #accessory #gadgets #useful #setup #setupinspiration #tech #technology #desksetup #amazonfinds #musthave #organizer #edc
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Might need a bigger drill for this 😂 Follow us 👉@gadgets.tube ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💥💥Source: juniorstaff12 (TikTok) 💥💥 📍DM for credit or removal request (no copyright intended) . 🔗 All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . . #engthings #gadgets #gadget #tool #tools #science #design #uk #usa #toolands #amazing #engineering #cooltools #technology #handtool
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3 Gift Ideas! 🎁😱 Since the Holidays are fast approaching and Black Friday is also coming up, I’ve decided to do a list of my top 3 products that I would personally gift to friends and family that are into tech. All of these are products that have the perfect balance of utility, good design, and uniqueness. Gift 1 - Smart Water Bottle 💧 This is a great gift for anyone that uses a water bottle, since this is an upgraded version that can also improve their water-consumption habits. It’s a smart water bottle that tracks how much water you drink and shows you your progress in its app. The bottle also flashes to remind you to drink water so you can achieve your daily goals. The all-black version looks great on any setup and its matte-black cap opens up with the push of a button, making it feel high quality. Gift 2 - Smart Coffee Cup ☕️ This is the perfect gift for hot coffee drinkers, they will never drink cold coffee ever again. This one is simple, it’s a cup that maintains a specific temperature, which can be specified in the app. The cup version is meant for lattes, since it’s easier to pour steamed milk to create latte art, but there’s a mug version too. Also, the matte finish is worth mentioning, it feels great to the touch and matches any setup. Gift 3 - Figurine Decoration🕴️ This is the best option when you don’t know what gift to buy. Funko makes figurines for every genre, show, movie, and videogame you can think of. Simply find a figurine of something the recipient likes and it can become a great decoration for their setup. Some of these sell for as low as $9, making them a great option for a stocking stuffer or a small but personalized gift. What do you think of these gifts? Please comment other gift suggestions below! 🙌🏼 #gift #giftideas #iphone13 #iphone14 #apple #accessory #gadgets #tech #technology #musthave #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #useful #setup #setupinspiration
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Protect, so you don't regret! Visit Poorvika to get your mobile a Protection Pack, Save Yourself from worrying about a slip or an accident in the future! #gadgets #protectionplan #insurance #phonefalls #phonedamage #reels #reelsexplore #poorvikamobiles #poorvika #poorvikaonline #poorvikaindia
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