BinaBeats Binaural Audio - $50 + 15% recurring monthly

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BinaBeats Binaural Audio - $50 + 15% recurring monthly

Deadline:30 Jun, 2022
22 Nov, 2021
ABOUT Binabeats:

- is a revolutionary music-as-a-service that provides binaural audio that helps you control brainwave states. These audio recordings contain a unique blend of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma sound waves. You can use these waves to improve your sleep, assist your mediation, lower your stress, lift your creativity, boost your memory, and reduce your pain.

We are currently looking for long-term influencers from around the globe to promote us, we had a lucrative payout and you will be expecting a huge benefit for promoting us.

These music waves are powerful and beneficial if you have a health-related audience. We have created a wide range of unique, high-quality binaural sound recordings that help your brain enter targeted states that can improve your health and well-being. BinaBeat binaural recordings are created by a sound engineer with over 20 years of meditation and recording experience.
- No min. age
- Min. 1000 followers on IG
- Public account
- Lucrative payout - $50 + 15% recurring subscription monthly

Register your interest by 30 Dec 2021 and we will shortlist & create your affiliate link.