Muscle Building Fat Shredding Supplement Company Seeks Fitness / Bodybuilding / Workout Influencers

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Muscle Building Fat Shredding Supplement Company Seeks Fitness / Bodybuilding / Workout Influencers

Deadline:31 Dec, 2021
Health & Fitness 29 Sep, 2021
- We are the first and only supplement company in the industry that applies the science of homeopathic medicine to bodybuilding, fitness and performance. Our muscle-building, strength-enhancing, fat-shredding formulas have been used by everyone from gym enthusiasts to professional athletes since 2004 to achieve their physique, fitness and health goals.

All of our unique formulas are presented in liquid form and sprayed under the tongue for a maximum absorption rate of over 90%. By contrast, pills and capsules have an absorption rate of less than 20% as the majority of the ingredients are destroyed by the acids in the stomach. Our formulas are available as individual products or can be synergistically combined into our unique, industry-leading stacks. In fact, we won the 2019, 2020 & 2021 Global Health & Pharma Fitness & Nutrition “Best Natural Supplements” Award. All our products are made in the United States at an FDA registered and inspected lab, following all good manufacturing practices to ensure safety and efficacy.

To learn more about our company and products, go to our website at
- 20 - 65 years old
- Min. 10,000 followers on IG
- Public account
- Someone who is popular with followers who have an interest in bodybuilding, fitness, getting in shape, working out, athletic performance, losing fat, adding muscle, increasing strength, crossfit, Spartan racing, etc.

Please respond by providing info on each the following -
- How would you describe the majority of people who follow you on social platforms? (for example bodybuilders, moms who want to get in shape, etc.)
- What platforms are you on and how many followers do you have on each platform?
- How often do you post content?
- Please provide your social media handles for any social media platform you're on.
- Please share with us how frequently you will commit to posting content with your audience about our products. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

* FREE PRODUCT: All of our Brand Ambassadors will receive a 60-day supply of all three (3) of our award-winning formulas, totaling six (6) bottles absolutely free for your own personal use to experience the amazing benefits of the products. The retail cost of a 1-month supply of each product (totaling 3 bottles) is $179, but you will be receiving a full two (2) month supply of each product absolutely free.

RESIDUAL INCOME: All of our Brand Ambassadors will have the opportunity to join our Revenue Sharing Program, where you can earn 25% of every sale you generate as you promote our products. Our most popular offering is the Anabolic Pro Stack, which sells for $299. Let’s say you have 10,000 followers and just 1% of them purchase the Anabolic Pro Stack next month. You would receive $74.75 per sale x 100 sales for a total of $7,475.00! While we can’t guarantee that you’ll sell 100 Stacks per month…you might sell a lot more or a lot less…we can guarantee that you’ll get paid 25% for each and every one that you do sell.