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Product review on Instagram

Deadline:31 Aug, 2021
Fashion 06 Aug, 2021

ELFSACK is a women fashion clothes founded in 2006, an original pioneer brand which is also a storyteller, with an enthusiastic, confident, and ambitious team, popular among over 15 million female fans.

Pursuing the freedom, admire the heroism, endowing the products with soul in imaginative and curious design methods, we believe that clothing is entertainment, culture, attitude, instead of following suit. We have specialized in this industry over 15 years, succeeding in the collaboration with Disney and in New York Fashion Week.

Official website:
Instagram: elfsack_official
Facebook: elfsack
Pinterest: elfsack_official
Twitter: Elfsack_official
- With minimum 10K followers on Instagram
- Fashion bloggers in the United States
- 15 - 35 years old
- High engagement rate

Apply to review our products worth $300! Your followers will also enjoy 10% discount when they use your promo code.

- 1 x IG post + 1 IG Story per outfits
- To be cross-posted/shared on Instagram
- Post formats: Static, Video, Carousel (Multiimages)
- All content deliverables are to be completed within 1 WEEK after you receive the products
- Tag: @elfsack_official
- #Tag: #ELFSACK

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