Lumi+ Hydrogen

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Lumi+ Hydrogen

Deadline:31 Aug, 2021
27 Jul, 2021
Water is the healthiest beverage you can drink. It’s free of sugar, salt, and chemicals as long as you’re filtering it properly. But what if we told you, you can elevate it to the next level by infusing it with more hydrogen?

Yup! Our Lumi+ Hydrogen Water Bottle allows you to dissolve hydrogen molecules (3000-5000 ppb) into plain water in just 5 minutes to enhance its health benefits. The best part? It can also fit on any regular empty bottle (30mm bottle neck!). Regular consumption of hydrogen water contains powerful natural antioxidant to fight-off inflammation and inflammatory responses (which contributes to many chronic conditions), strengthens our immune system, hence keeping infections at bay.

Our mission is not only offer the convenient way for people to stay hydrated throughout the day with the power of molecular hydrogen water, but to also inspire a community a fuel to transform your health.
- Above 18 years old
- Min. 1k followers on IG
- Public account
- Must be residing in the US. (So we can send you our influencer package)

- 1 IG Feed Post- a simple lifestyle post portraying Lumi+ Hydrogen Water Bottle as your everyday drink (e.g. drink with Lumi+ Hydrogen Water Bottle after work-out instead of just a simple product feature) & @ to our IG official page (lumiplus.official).
- 1 IG Story Video
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