Get Your Life Back with Maui Live Red Light Therapy

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Get Your Life Back with Maui Live Red Light Therapy

Deadline:31 Aug, 2021
22 Jun, 2021
ABOUT Maui Live Red Lights:
We discovered long ago that Red Light Therapy was the key to our workout recovery. Since then, we have discovered so many other ways that Red Light Therapy has improved our life. We sleep better, we have reduced our pain, inflammation and skin issues as well as improved our thyroid function and hair growth. We have also found that Red Light Therapy has given us more energy throughout the day. We have gotten our lives back!

The Maui Live LED Red Light Therapy collection has been carefully developed to meet our customers' high standards and yet still be affordable. We are offering the best and highest quality Red Light Therapy devices on the market. We offer Red & Infrared Light panels and portable lights to fit every need.

It's time to invest in yourself! Use Maui Live Red Light Therapy at home for faster healing, better sleep, improved acne, skin issues, rosacea, athletic recovery, hair loss, wrinkles, psoriasis, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, sun damage, scars, stretch marks, wounds, pain, inflammation and more.

ABOUT Our Products:
Red Light Therapy can help with sleep, pain, workout recovery, skin issues, inflammation, healing, and so much more. We have a full line of high-quality, affordable Red Lights, including several sizes of panels, a tabletop light and a portable, rechargeable red light. Our blog offers information and education about types of red lights, how to use Red Light Therapy and how Red Light Therapy can help a variety of issues.
- 25-50 years old
- Min. 30,000 followers on IG
- Public account
- Comfortable using and reviewing health/ fitness products
-Interested in becoming an affiliate for Maui Live Red Lights

Use and review our Red Light, talk about it to their audience, take pictures and/or videos with the product- create blog, YouTube or Instagram post about their experience with the product, on-going posts to boost affiliate production

Shortlisted influencers will be asked for :
Ideas of how they will promote our products, why they want to work with us

Affiliate Program:
Influencer will be given a product to review, entry into affiliate program- a link will be used so that a % of each sale generated from the link will be shared with the influencer