Be the first & impress your followers with the latest beauty news

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Be the first & impress your followers with the latest beauty news

Deadline:03 Jun, 2021
Hair & Beauty 27 May, 2021
Do you post beauty, skincare & makeup content? Are you passionate about the environment (sustainability) and natural/ vegan ingredients?

IF you are, you should be one of the first in the world to talk about this e-book.
No other influencer has access to this yet, as it will be launched only next month.

This beauty book like no other advocates for 2 step pH balancing solution using the restore+target method in skincare. No other beauty company talks about this novel effective solution. This is an ebook and will be emailed to the chosen influencers.

PDF/ Kindle version available.
- With minimum 500 followers
- Can be based anywhere in the world
- Must speak perfect English
- Must have IG account set to public
- Must email high quality video back to use for usage

- 1 x IG post + 1 IG Story
- To be cross-posted/shared on Facebook
- Post formats: Static, Video, Carousel (Multiimages)
- All content deliverables are to be completed within 1 WEEK after you receive the ebook
- Tag: the company (will be disclosed later)
- video must show you holding a tab/ laptop with the ebook and you must scroll as you speak

-In your own words tell your followers that you are one of the first to lay your hands on this information and

1) What is to love abt the ebook
a) like no other beauty book, the first to talk about the restore & target routine
b) explains how we unknowingly damage our skin
c) offers practical lab tested botanicals as a solutions to end skin problems

2) How this ebook helps
a) why buying "specific skin type" products for the entire face is does more damage. E.g an "acne cleanser" is only good for the acne parts on the face and causes damage on "non-acne" area. Same thing if you use "dry skin" or "oily skin" products
b) the solution is to forget "skin type" & focus on balancing the pH of the entire face
c) keep your daily skin care routine to 2 proven steps

3) Why this ebook is a must have
a) shows us an effective proven uncomplicated way to end skin problems
b) helps narrow down and removes confusion when choosing natural sulfate-free ingredients
c) helps you save hundreds of dollar and time spending on ineffective solutions over a lifetime

* All content rights to the company that owns the ebook for ALL Online, Social Media and offline marketing communication and collaterals usage *