Dave + Sam, Fun and humor

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United States

Dave + Sam, Fun and humor

Deadline:15 Feb, 2021
10 Feb, 2021
GOAL: Make EDM artist Dave + Sam relevant to conversations outside of music.


Chicagoan, Dave Giles II provides vocals inspired by the intersection of Mike Dunn, Moodymann, Mos Def & Gil Scott Heron, alongside the deep-house arrangements and soulful progressions of New York multi instrumentalist and DJ, Sam O.B. 

must have less than 20K followers
must post by Feb. 21
US and international influencers welcomes

1) for Twitter users:
Post the photo assets to create authentic dialogue online thats true to your brand. LINK - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yKPjJ-ooVswUhPe_ywcjoJngipwu3H_Y/view?usp=sharing

2) for Instagram and Tik Tok users:
Create a short video using the “Facts” audio as background music. - https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMedvh8Ju/

tag @daveandsammusic #factsonly #daveandsam
or link Facts song in post to Shazam, Apple Music if you use tiktok to post