Paid Collaboration with Funny Squared

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Paid Collaboration with Funny Squared

Deadline:05 Feb, 2021
03 Feb, 2021
So, why did we chose to sell socks?!

Simple. We at Funny Squared are SOCKAHOLICS!

Some may not give much attention to what socks they wear, not thinking about the socks they wear speaks a lot about them.

To us, it’s not only a functional item in your wardrobe, it is an important accessory to complete your whole look.

And we know that each person, deep down, has an inner SOCKAHOLIC in them!
We sell socks products, and we have good quality products and outstanding customer service.
We are looking for fashion lovers to promote our products.And I am inquiring to see if you would be interested in a collaboration with our company.
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We'd be more than happy to gift you some of our products of your choice.