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Find Your Flow - Kratom Supplement Products

Deadline:31 Jan, 2021
15 Dec, 2020

About: Top Extract’s Kratom Liquid Extract is a top-of-the-line product, and considered one of the best in the marketplace today! Each bottle of Flow is handled with extra care, contains no alcohol and uses a powerful 45% kratom extract! On the go? Get your Flow on! Customers love that it’s so convenient, and doesn’t leave you with a feeling of fullness as taking kratom powder has the propensity to do.

Product Vibe: With liquid extracts, you will notice the effects that kratom is so well-known and loved for almost immediately. This also makes it extra desirable, as other forms, including kratom powder, can take a half hour or more to take effect. Everybody’s chemical makeup is different, so this is based on averages. This caffeinated version of Flow is the perfect way to gain natural energy to start your day, or as a pick-me-up during an afternoon slump. Each serving yields 55 grams of caffeine, which together with kratom makes for an amazing kick to fuel your day!

Quality Check: This product is tested for: Potency, solvents, pathogens, heavy metals, and micros.

Taste: Flow is definitely not for the weak on its own, as it has a bitter tincture-like taste if you’re familiar. But don’t let that stop you from reaping the benefits! We highly recommend taking a drink of juice before adding Flow, and then following up with another good swig of juice immediately after. Think “toss and wash” but with liquid.

WHAT IS KRATOM? If you are unsure about how to speak about Kratom:
Kratom is a leaf hailing primarily from Southeast Asia that is closely related in chemical makeup to the coffee plant, it is mainly consumed in powder or capsule form. To date Kratom is used by and estimated 15 million Americans who are seeking natural alternatives to improve their health and wellness.
WHO TAKES KRATOM: The people who benefit from Kratom the most are those that are looking to looking to increase energy levels, boost moods, and who are seeking comfort from everyday aches and pains. This kratom is sold in a lot of vape and nutrition shops, goes well with fitness.

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