Football & Parents Influencers interested in Football Gifts US

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Football & Parents Influencers interested in Football Gifts US

Deadline:31 Dec, 2020
11 Dec, 2020
It’s like a disco ball that you can kick around! 🦵🦵

Soccer has never been THIS fun. 🙌

👉 Our Holographic Glow Reflective Soccer Ball implements a slick reflective honeycomb effect. When light hits, it pops with life and color - like magic.
🌙 Practicing at night is now easier because the ball won’t get lost in the dark.

Plus, it’s a perfect way to shake up your social media content - because let’s face it - it’s pretty cool to look at. 👏
The ball is made with ultra-durable materials, so your hardest kicks won’t even put a scratch on it. 🛡️

Just show our ball some light and watch it glow! 📸 Nobody has seen anything like this before, so be the first to show all your friends and followers the coolest basketball they've ever seen!

✨Reflective Technology
📸Perfect for Social Media
🌚Perfect for Night Games
🎒Includes: Bag, net, pump and pumping needles
We are looking for Influencers with 7K plus followers from Football and Parenting Niche for gifting ideas.

Will need at least 1 original video post and 1-2 images showing the product and how you enjoyed creating content with it.
You will need to create videos of yourself or your kids playing with it preferably during night with camera flash on.

Placements - Stories with swipe up, Bio link and post

Creative social content that will elicit strong engagement from your followers and feel free to post on your other channels as well. Greater chances for influencers with TikTok as well.

What will you get?
1) Free product worth 39.99USD
2) An exclusive Extra 10% discount coupon for your followers.

Using others content is highly not recommended.