Prep your Rep

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Prep your Rep

Deadline:15 Dec, 2020
26 Nov, 2020

After a stormy, crazy and uncertain year, NOW is the time to prep your rep for 2021. To take stock of the factors that might impact your reputation as an opinion leader and grow your influence.

Reputation fails don’t happen overnight as one is weighed down by the pressure of delivering, performing, being on point, profitable, perfect, toned, good looking, successful and always bringing in the mullah. As you’re caught up in the limelight it can be easy to give in to insecurity, uncertainty and fear - and make mistakes that could cost you your career.

The only way, like The Cube once said so eloquently, is to “check yourself before you wreck yourself”. AKA undertake a diligent, honest, no holds barred self examination which could lead to revelation, resilience, conviction and recalibration. One that could save your bacon, literally. is a world first proactive reputation management platform - that lets anyone with a public career take stock of the factors that could impact your reputation and proactively make the best choices for your future.

INNURI is your reputational bff. Who is here to champion you, encourage you and be your sounding board. We don’t put you on a pedestal nor treat you as a hero. We’re your fellow traveller, your sounding board and your check point. So you don’t slip off the edge needlessly but instead walk in your truth and live in your light.
- Fashion, music, tech or lifestyle influencers to increase awareness of our newly launched INNURI Reputational Management Platform.
- Includes posts, stories, testimonials.
- For any questions about the campaign, feel free to leave your comments.

- At least 2 Static Posts: Launch post about INNURI & its features.
- At least 3 IG Stories: Promotion to be confirmed.
- IG: @InnuriHQ

*More detailed instructions to be shared upon confirmation.