Namatata meditation app promotion Canada

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Namatata meditation app promotion Canada

Deadline:11 Oct, 2020
Health & Fitness 11 Sep, 2020

The best app in 2020 to let go of problems, gain confidence, and sleep better.

Namatata is the French leader in meditation with nearly a million users worldwide.
The founder Antoine Gerlier traveled around the world to learn different techniques from researchers, doctors, and monks.
Through the 400 meditation sessions, Antoine explains the techniques and difficulties he encountered. His ambition is to democratize meditation in all areas of society.

This simple and fun app is for everyone!

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• Tag in your photo the following: @namatata_app_meditation
• Post a photo with the app (the app on the phone`s screen has to look visible)
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• Add the following hashtags: #namatata, #meditation
• Also make the product appear in a story but with 2 weeks delay!
• Please your post and your story contain exclusively the Namatata product.

In an exchange of the partnership, you will get 3-month free access for the Namatata app.