Art Print on Oak Skateboarding theme picture

Region Required
United States

Art Print on Oak Skateboarding theme picture

Deadline:31 Oct, 2020
27 Aug, 2020
7 Art Studio from Croatia
Welcome to WoodArtPrints – art shop that will bring Oak vibes to your home and office!

We are two craftsmen, a carpenter and a painter, who live in Croatia, in an ancient town with over 3,000 years of history.
We challenged ourselves to start manufacturing of unique interior design goods, and each of them would look like a real masterpiece, keeping a store price to be reasonable for each customer.
Being driven by such an idea we created original and modern art prints on old oak surfaces using ancient technology so that the oak natural texture becomes clearly visible and can be felt.
Top of the line quality of wood processing is the main idea of our goods. All woodworking operations as well as artful coloring of the front surface are performed by our craftsmen by hand in Vintage, Brush, Art or Linen techniques. Using lastest technologies to add the print makes the pictures look fresh and modern, with a natural touch.

Giving such a unique handmade present to your friend or colleague, or making it as an interesting part of your interior will surely bring lots of positive emotions.
We are looking for instagram influencers based in the USA.
Target group
- Parents/relatives who buy presents for teenagers
- People who like street culture and skateboarding

What you should do
- We will give you a code, so you will be able to order (on etsy) a product of your choice for free
- when you receive the product, you will need to male a review on etsy
- and you also need to make a post on your instagram page