Extra Fruit Chia Wildberries Fruit Spread

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United States

Extra Fruit Chia Wildberries Fruit Spread

Deadline:05 May, 2020
Food & Drink 05 Apr, 2020
Product Description:
11 Oz ExtraFruit Chia Wildberries Fruit Spread. Made with Chia Seeds instead of pectin. The only truly all natural fruit spread, with no synthetic or artificial ingredients added. With more fruit and more chia compared to our standard spreads for a more intense flavor profile, and a buttery texture due to the omegas.

Our Extra Fruit Chia Spreads are sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar for a crispy and bright flavor profile. The mucilage around chia seeds is the gel that helps us thicken our fruit spread, has a soothing effect in the intestinal tract and helps improve digestion.

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