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Baby Shark

Deadline:01 May, 2021
04 Feb, 2020
We have baby clothes and accessories,

IF you believe you would be a good fit message us with pricing Instagram links and which product you believe you are a good fit for.

The following is a quote from our site:

Our Story
Once upon a time, at 6:00 AM the phone rang. It was my wife. She told me that she spilled boiling water all over her hands and was at the hospital. So, of course, I asked her if she wanted me to come and she said: "No, it's okay it's not that bad and your mom is with me." So I went back to sleep.
Later that Day...
I woke up. My wife was looking at me smiling like a crazy person. Then, she gives me the paperwork from the doctor and tells me to read it over. I read it over and finally, it says the following "Pregnancy test - Positive" I was extremely shocked at this point. I knew nothing about babies.
Months Later...
Once the baby was born I was extremely happy, the baby is my more treasured person ever. :') Then came shopping... After buying everything for the baby and getting everything set up; I realized something. It is nearly impossible to find things for the baby, there are just so many bad quality products. You have stressed out enough already. So we started this store, just a small family-owned store for all your baby needs.
Our Mission
Our mission here at Tiecubes Treasures is to make the process of finding baby items stress-free. If you have any issues or questions please reach out, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.
Looking for something with a good fit for my product. Maybe someone that has an audience of people that is mostly pregnant mothers for our maternity products. We only ship to the USA as of right now so the audience would have to mostly be in the usa.