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Deadline:15 Feb, 2020
Hair & Beauty 02 Jan, 2020
The formula of AROMASE 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo (Pre-Shampoo Treatment ) balances scalp sebum and oil production, and it can effectively relieve itch of the scalp. We've helped 50,000+ people keep their serious scalp conditions away without any medication.

About the Brand:
We've studied scalp conditions solutions for over 60 years. For sharing a natural scalp treatment, our founder, Eric built AROMASE. We have cooperated with 50+ major hospitals, 400+ dermatology clinics and sold in 2,000+ chain pharmacies & beauty stores.

7 Features of AROMASE health shampoo
-pH 5.5
-SLS free
-Dimethicone free
-Artificial coloring free
-No Chemical Preservatives, MI, MCI, Paraben
-Amino acid surfactant

1. Apply an ample amount of shampoo on the dry scalp.
2. Massage delicately for 1-2 minutes. Second
3. Wet your hair and massage your scalp until foaming.
4. Finally, rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly.

Oily Scalp ( 1-2 times/ week)
Dry Scalp (1 time / 2 weeks)

We'll offer
1. FREE product that is usable for 2 months for the influencers who are interested in making their scalp healthier.
2. After accepted, we will offer you a coupon code for your followers.

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