Gym Skin - Lightweight fitness gloves

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Gym Skin - Lightweight fitness gloves

Deadline:19 Dec, 2019
06 Dec, 2019
STKR Concepts is proud to announce Gym Skin, a lightweight fitness glove designed to protect users’ hands while working out.

Knowing the debilitating effects of blisters and calluses, it was the goal of the STKR designers to create a unique solution that wasn’t cumbersome or hot while working out. Their aim was a minimalistic fitness glove that offered protection to the areas of the hand which are most affected by the intense friction, rubbing, heat and moisture caused by various activities while at the gym.

After personal testing, as well as end user feedback, STKR developed the Gym Skin. Gym Skins protect the most vulnerable areas of the palm from blisters and calluses. The ultra-thin, protective layer offers full coverage of the palm, as well as the saddle area between the index finger and thumb. They slip easily over your hand, are lightweight, and unlike traditional gloves, they do not hold in heat, moisture, or odor. If additional protection is needed, they can be worn under traditional gloves and still retain the same benefits. Gym Skins are great for any fitness activity including weightlifting, CrossFit, Spinning, Yoga, and more. They are also perfect when rowing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and biking.

STKR Concepts is a design firm focused on creating innovative and useful product solutions in lifestyles / activities that they have a passion for, including fitness.

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