LOVILIFE GroomingPro Gloves soften and clean the coat of your pet

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LOVILIFE GroomingPro Gloves soften and clean the coat of your pet

Deadline:30 Jun, 2020
Animals & Pets 04 Dec, 2019
Shopping gifts for your furry friends? Ever wonder if your furry friends can talk, what type of gifts will they be asking you to buy for them?

1st priority gift for your dog, cat, horse or rabbit will be a pair of deshedding glove that can solve all your pet grooming problems at the convenience of your home. LOVILIFE GroomingPro Gloves provide your furry friends an easy, comfortable de-shedding of excess hair and fur, cleaning as well as bathing. Simply slip on these flexible and gentle petting gloves for dogs to brush away dirt, grime, dander, and loose hair from cats, dogs, horses and rabbits for a healthy, shiny pet coat. Make grooming time becomes an enjoyable bonding time with your pet by giving your furry friend a full body imitating the hand touching SPA relaxing massage while you groom hard-to-reach places like face, legs or tail.

We recommend to use these cat brush for shedding and grooming to do a daily 5 – 10 minutes quick gentle brushing to massage your pet to helps in the circulation of blood and proper distribution of natural oils to keep your pets’ coat healthy for their overall health and well-being.

The best thing about these horse grooming glove is that these are washable, durable, and mildew-free.

So, what are you waiting for? The LOVILIFE GroomingPro gloves are just what you need!

What You Get: 1 pair (1 left-hand and 1 right-hand)

Click ‘Add to Cart’ button now and when you do, consider getting two...one for your and one as a gift for a friend to keep your pet happy, healthy, and free of loose hair.
Influncer to create 2 video contents; 1 video on bathing your dog with GroomingPro gloves & 1 video on how to groom/ brush the coat of dog or cat or rabbit in 2 mins making daily grooming of their furry friend easy & convenience.

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