Vaavei Yoga Mat Towels

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Vaavei Yoga Mat Towels

Deadline:07 Dec, 2019
Health & Fitness 26 Nov, 2019
Vaavei creates quality microfiber towels that are beautifully designed and meticulously made. Our vision is to bring inspiration and motivation to everyone.

These Yoga towels are made from a specialised microfiber, providing superior grip. Plus they have corner pockets to anchor to your yoga mat and prevent bunching. Perfect for hot yoga, Bikram, Pilates and floor exercises. They are super absorbent, quick drying and lightweight. Stay dry and pose ready! Each design comes with a bonus hand towel and packs inside a mesh travel bag making it easy to take anywhere.

Prevent sweat and bacteria deteriorating your mat by using a Vaavei Yoga towel as a hygienic layer. No more time consuming cleaning of your yoga mat, simply machine wash. Use a studio mat without worrying about cleanliness and other people's sweat!

Available in two lengths - 68" or 72" to perfectly fit your yoga mat.
We have just launched these products on Amazon and would like to increase sales. We would like authentic posts from influencer's who have an engaged US based audience. We want to showcase the uniqueness of the designs, quality of the product and the non slip features.

Do you regularly practice yoga? Have a yoga based Instagram account? Own a Yoga studio? We would love to hear from you.

The image shows the 2 designs available. We are looking for different influencer's for each of the designs. Which design resonates with you the most? We would love to send you a free towel pack in exchange for some content creation and links to our product. These designs are also perfect gifts for Christmas, so we would like this content ASAP to allow for Christmas gift sales.

We will be launching more designs next year and would love to build some great working relationships for ongoing collaborations.

We look forward to working with you.