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Deadline:31 Dec, 2021
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Health & Fitness 09 Dec, 2021
ABOUT Tonetotalbody:
- Founded by Love DeShield a fitness enthusiast. Tonetotalbody is an award-winning brand and a subsidiary of the parent company Famtotal LLC.
We exist to enhance your muscle toning and give you that desired shape. We are focused on supplying the best toners with a delicate effort from our professional development and quality assurance team.

- With minimum 10K-50k followers
- be willing to provide analystic of your profile to email address: [email protected]
analystics are:
--Story views for the last 10 days,
--Link ClicK or Sticky Tab from your last promotion within your story
-Location of supporters by Gender , Country (NOT CITY), and age range.
- Must be United States of America

- 3 x IG story clip/ frame for 15 hours.
- Post formats: Video with Influencer speaking within frame. (ad copy will be send to influencer)
- Post content on Friday between 6pm to 7PM with swipe up link (
- The video should be send to [email protected] for approval before posting.

* Ads created by influencer Tonetotalbody has all rights to the content for ALL Online, Social Media and offline marketing communication and collaterals usage *