UK Influencers & Consultants - partnership to turn knowledge into passive income business

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UK Influencers & Consultants - partnership to turn knowledge into passive income business

Deadline:31 Aug, 2021
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Education 16 Jul, 2021
Hi there,

My company turns UK based influencers & consultants' knowledge into scalable six figure online businesses that we set up & manage, giving them a passive income.

We partner with influencers over the long-term to essentially create a business of online courses, handling everything for them including professionally filming & editing the courses, an integrated marketing stategy, building a beautiful website and online classroom, handling the accounting and admin processes such as customer service.

What we provide (benefits to you:
- We help build your personal brand
- We provide you with a passive reoccuring income, we make digital products and give pay you each month.
- We take your knowledge that you may be teaching one to one, or in groups, and we can scale it hundreds/thousands across the world.
- We've got some great case studies including making £60k in 3 months with our last influencer. As long as you meet our eligibility criteria, I’m very confident we can turn their knowledge into a profitable, scalable business.

Who we're looking for:
- We’re looking to take on a few more UK based influencers.
- We're looking for someone to build something sustainable over the long-term, this is a profit split model (and we have proven results) so it's not turning up and making a quick buck like an ad. It's over the long-term as a profit split with no payment up front (however my company Peak Reach takes on the initial investment cost and risk so there's nothing for you to lose).
- For us to be a good fit, you need to meet our eligibility criteria (below). You need to be able to write and present the course and not only provide an education, but be able to make a real difference to people as a transformation in their lives. E.g. a course not on how to make a bake, but a course on how to help bakers start their own home baking businesses.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA can be found here: