Peloton Bike+ Family Sweepstakes

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Peloton Bike+ Family Sweepstakes

Deadline:16 Jul, 2021
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Health & Fitness 07 Jun, 2021
- CharityStars is a groundbreaking fundraising platform collaborating with celebrities and brands to raise money for charitable causes. Over the years we have raised over $30 million for charities worldwide and are still going strong.

The campaign started on the 17th of May and will run for 9 weeks: the sweepstakes features a Peloton Bike+ Family bundle, including an Apple Watch Series 5 and a Theragun Elite. You can find more details about the initiative here: The sweepstakes is supporting City of Hope, a Cancer Treatment and Research Center.

Our main goal is to bring traffic and users to our sweepstakes page, so we are looking for influencers that can promote our initiative. In terms of deliverables, we are expecting a mention to our sweepstakes and a CTA to drive traffic to the sweepstakes page. To facilitate this, you can use the short link, in addition to the 100FREE promo code, that will award users 100 free entries on a minimum 10$ donation.

- 20-35 years old
- Min. 10000 followers on IG, YouTube Content is also welcome
- Public account
- Comfortable to talk in front of camera and able to produce live-stream content

Content can vary: if you have a Peloton bike (or can have access to one), we'd like you to post content that has one, otherwise you are free to use pictures from our website.