Glocalzone - Go-to market

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Glocalzone - Go-to market

Deadline:01 Jul, 2021
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Travel 02 Jun, 2021
ABOUT Glocalzone:
- Glocalzone is a platform that connects shoppers who want to buy products from abroad and travelers who want to make a profit.

- For more information, please visit and you can watch our explainer video (1 min only) :

- Looking for travel-related influencers (Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Line, YouTube, TikTok (FIRST PRIORITY IS TIKTOK) )
- Includes posts, stories, live streaming
- For any questions about the campaign, feel free to leave your comments.


- The content we are expecting you to create and share is up to your creativity. In this scenario, we only want to be sure that you understand Glocalzone and how it works. If you have any questions/doubts on how it works, please don't hesitate to share with us before creating the video. Also, if you need any additional information/assets, please let us know.

*More detailed instructions to be shared upon confirmation.