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Hair & Beauty 30 Apr, 2021
Solid parfum is an alternative way to smell great! It is made using ingredients such as; butters, oils like jojoba & castor, and waxes that enable the fragrance to be in a solid form. Traditionally fragrances are made in liquid form where perfume oil is diluted with alcohol (which in some cases can be harmful to the skin) and water.

Our solid parfum eliminates the need for alcohol making it Halal friendly, ingredients that are kind to the skin and just as critical, Cruelty Free and Vegan!

- With minimum 10K followers
- must have a UK base


A video between 45 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds dependant on fitting the required info in comfortably (ideally 45 seconds - 1 minute). (PRIORITY)

Content required in video:

- who CheekyRub & CheekyCaress is.

- Key points of the product. Convenient, Airport friendly, Vegan, cruelty free, environmentally conscious, affordable & smells amazing!

- How to apply/use.

The video created to be used as a swipe up on a social media platform of our choice (if multiples are available to be use included in our fee we would like to take advantage of those.)

A secondary post with a second product (a different fragrance) this would be in the form of another video, boomerang or still photo. We would want this secondary post published between 7-10 days later. (Ideally another swipe up)

Rights/Use of content: (ESSENTIAL)
- We will require full ownership of content created for us or at the very least a full license you use at our discretion
- 1 x IG post + 2 IG Story
- To be cross-posted/shared on Facebook
- Post formats: Static, Video,
- video content deliverable to be completed within 1 WEEK after you receive the product/products the second post/photo is to me made 1 week after the first
- Tag: @cheekyrub_
- #Tag: #cheekyrub #cheekycaress #soundsnaughtysmellsnice

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