Joint Venture Dropship Website Webinar

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United States

Joint Venture Dropship Website Webinar

Deadline:31 Jan, 2021
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Education 19 Dec, 2020
About DropshipUSA:
- DropshipUSA is a web development agency that creates fully automated, USA based dropship websites in 72 hours or less in whatever niche you want. Websites look similar to this when complete: . We currently have an automated webinar converting at 5% consistently through paid Facebook traffic.

Here is the landing page for that .

We know the webinar is very profitable, so we want to partner with relevant influencers to get more people in a live joint venture webinar in one go.

- 22 - 55 years old
- Min. 10000 followers on IG
- Public account
- Comfortable talking in front of camera and able to produce live-stream content

We want to host a live webinar in a joint venture setting with a relevant influencer. We'd like to start with smaller partnerships first, maybe 10,000 - 50,000 followers to see how the conversion rate is. Our only concern is that we sell too many websites and we can't make them quickly enough. The webinar content, pitch, and offer all perform very well...we know this already through FB paid traffic. Let's partner up and make some money.