VIP Collaboration Opportunity

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VIP Collaboration Opportunity

Deadline:01 Jan, 2021
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Fashion 12 Dec, 2020
Here at HELIOS, our team has carefully designed a light-weight, versatile, and super-soft heated vest we call "EMBR". We then paired it with infrared nano heating technology to quickly and safely provide soothing heat to key areas of your body.
We also believe temperature is personal, so shouldn't it be on your terms? With EMBR you get to experience unparalleled personal warmth and comfort at the push of a button!

- 22 - 65 years old
- Ability to run a campaign for 30 days (customized link will be given to get commissions)
- Minimum 1K followers on IG
- Must be ACTIVE on social media
- Both Males and Females eligible
- Public account

Influencer must be comfortable with joining our Ambassador Program as this is how they will receive payment. We will provide you with an exclusive discount code which you can pass along to your subscribers and anytime a purchase (delivered) is made with that code we will pay you a 10% commission.

It is up to you however you choose to put our product in front of your subscribers (i.e. shout-out, video, etc), but you will obviously want to choose whichever will generate the most sales which will mean a higher commission for you. If you decide to create a video we require you send us a soft copy beforehand and always be sure to tag all posts with @heliosvest (IG)(FB). Please let us know right away if you would like us to send you a vest. Be sure you visit our website and review the size chart for your size prior to reaching out.