AURA Strap - Best Christmas Present

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AURA Strap - Best Christmas Present

Deadline:01 Dec, 2020
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Health & Fitness 17 Nov, 2020
AURA Devices is a healthcare-oriented innovation company, delivering smart wearables with bioimpedance technology as the fundamental one. AURA Strap is the only way to measure your hydration levels and body composition right on your Apple Watch. Transform your Watch into an ultimate health tracker and improve the results of your workouts.

- 22 - 35 years old
- Min. 20k on IG
- Public account
- Comfortable to talk in front of the camera and able to produce good photo content


Content Creators! We're starting this campaign to show AURA Strap's best features and to tell people more about our product from the sportsperson's side. This campaign should explain why it's essential to use AURA Strap during workouts and how easy it is to use it. Additionally, during this campaign, you should advise AURA Strap as a perfect Christmas Present!

You need to talk about AURA Strap core features hydration tracking, body composition (fat/muscle) monitoring, and mobile app data storage and analytics.

Purpose of the campaign:
The most important part of this campaign is to build brand awareness and let people know that with our Apple Watch accessory, they can improve their Watch functions and make their life, workouts, and even mood better with AURA Strap. We want to draw the attention of new people to our product.

Register your interest by December 1, 2020
Additionally, we'll offer a special discount to your subscribers.

Shortlisted influencers will be required to submit their best photos and stories:
~ A self-introduction
~ Content that shows your typical engagement with your audience
~ Best pictures

Track your Hydration
Track your hydration during every training with AURA Strap, as dehydration leads your workouts to useless efforts and low productivity. You'd like to burn at least 500 calories per day to lose weight. During every training, you track your hydration with AURA Strap; thus, you've got a higher performance and caloric burn.

Track your Muscle Growth & Fat Loss
Track your progress every day and get a monthly report on your achievements. You'd like to lose 4 pounds of fat and gain 7 pounds of muscle during a month. Monitor your progress with AURA Strap to see that you're on the right course or change your workouts program to perform better.

Store all the Data in One App
All your data is carefully stored in one App. Use AURA App on your Apple Watch for quick measurement start, check detailed analytics on your iPhone.