Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Donation Drive

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Donation Drive

Deadline:01 Dec, 2020
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Health & Fitness 15 Oct, 2020
This month is breast cancer awareness month, and Incitement has partnered with MAKNA - Majlis Kanser Nasional and Takaful Malaysia to raise awareness about cancer among Malaysians.

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Because of the ongoing pandemic, the need for cancer awareness is even more important. Many people forfeit their screenings, potentially leading to their disease becoming more advanced and difficult to treat. Help raise donations for MAKNA, and with that amount they will be able to organize 5 cancer awareness events.

Takaful Malaysia has promised to double your donation, if we reach this target! Together, let's show we care!

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- Share post on Instagram that contains project link above, to invite people to make a donation
- Imagery, copy, to be provided.
- Fees negotiable