Modern Breastfeeding Pump

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Modern Breastfeeding Pump

Deadline:13 Oct, 2020
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Kids & Parenting 08 Oct, 2020
We are a brand focussed on solving the problem of breastfeeding. Our product has been a great success and we are looking to expand our customer base via these campaigns.

Features of Amaia Love Breastfeeding Pumps:-

The Amaia pump supports semi lying position, which is perfect for cesarean delivery moms. With anti-backflow protector, you can be 100% sure your baby’s milk is safe to consume.

The key to a pain-free & successful pumping session is wearing the right size flange. The Amaia pump includes two flange sizes to give you the right comfort you need to pump.

At less than 45 decibels when pumping, you can rest assured that your little sweetheart will not be disturbed.

Designed to help you express more milk, the Amaia Pump features hospital-grade suction for a convenient and quicker pumping session.

- 22 - 40 years old
- Mummy bloggers or influencers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada.
- Health-conscious
- High engagement rate

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