*Luxury Skincare* Lush Laboratory Radiant Effect for Glowing Skin and Sun Protection

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*Luxury Skincare* Lush Laboratory Radiant Effect for Glowing Skin and Sun Protection

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Hair & Beauty 08 Sep, 2020
LUSH LABORATORY RADIANT EFFECT is a revolutionary oral skin supplement that brightens your skin and provides systemic protection against UV damages from cellular level. It helps prevent the appearance of dark and dull skin, signs of premature ageing, and perfects your skin care and sun protection routine with just 1 tablet a day.

Formulated and manufactured by skin and nutrition specialists in UK, LUSH LABORATORY RADIANT EFFECT contains ultra potent premium ingredients that are clinically proven to improve skin elasticity in 15 days, reduce skin redness in 24 hours, increase skin radiance and evenness in 42 days.

LUSH LABORATORY RADIANT EFFECT is lab-tested to be safe from toxins and hormones. It is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and contains zero preservatives.

It all began with a team of industry experts and veterans who are not only passionate about beauty, but what goes beyond skin deep. At Lush Laboratory, we believe that beauty starts with a healthy mind, body and skin. As such our approach is to create products using clinically-proven botanical ingredients combined with latest technologies that are beneficial and nurturing to both the body and skin.

We constantly strive to deliver natural, systemic and efficacious solutions which are sustainable and epitomises our Beauty from Within philosophy

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