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Fashion 09 May, 2020
Hey there! 😊

My name is Mike and we run the Stigma Watches ⌚ ( where we sell watches all over the world 🌎 with free & fast shipping time.

We came across the Starngage website and wanted to know if we can grow and expand our influencers team who want to earn money from our Affiliate Program. πŸ€‘

You'll get 15% of every item sold through your link straight to your PayPal or bank account every month.

How you can do that?

The guys from Secomapp ( does a great job with their platform. It’s very simple and think about that: you will have your Dashboard with your affiliate link. Every item sold through your affiliate link will be seen on your Affiliate Dashboard and at the 1’st of the month, you will get your commission through PayPal, as every influencer who collaborates with us. For example, you will get 50$ if we sell 5 watches (5X10$=50$). πŸ’²

So, if you accept our collaboration, all you would need to do after registration and after you got your affiliate link is put your custom link (affiliate link) in your bio and maybe share a couple of posts about our products (which we'll provide everything, from banners for websites to product descriptions, videos, and product images!)

If you're interested, just go here and create a free account on our website: πŸ‘‰

After that, we will give you a very simple Step by Step guide with what you have to do and you will have our full support 24/7.

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions here or in the e-mail:

Become our Partner Today and let's make business together! 😍

With love ❀️,
Mike from Stigma Watches ⌚