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Rare Charity offers talented people within tea communities access to education. We currently operate in the Satemwa Tea Estate community in Malawi.

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.30%. The average number of likes per post is 76 and the average number of comments is 5.

Rarecharity loves posting about Education.

Check rarecharity's audience demography. This analytics report shows rarecharity's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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98 5

Today on #internationalwomensday we celebrate Rare Charity's magnificent women leaders. @raretealady our founder - who first saw the possibility of creating social change in Satemwa's tea community. Henrietta asked people where they would most like to see change, and they gave her a clear and unanimous answer: education for our children.   Rare Charity was founded to respond to this need. Esnarth, our Support Officer - who keeps our operations running on the ground, ensuring our scholars cont...

67 0

📣 Calling all marathon maniacs and their magnificent feet! 📣 Would you be ready to join a team of Rare Runners this autumn for a Half Marathon? This year, we want to support so many more girls through their secondary education in Malawi's tea communities. We also want to give you, our donors, the chance to be part of their journey. Would you join us? 👟👟. If you're up for the challenge, or knows someone who is, drop an email to [email protected] or whizz over a direct message. We'll be wit...

63 2

Please help us give a warm welcome to Mac Donald Nyoni! Mac is our new Country Manager in Malawi.  He now oversees our scholarship programmes in the @satemwa_tea_coffee community: continuing to offer mentorship and personal support to each of our scholars, and expanding our outreach so that we can offer access to education to those who need it most. Having worked as Head of Programmes for the @britishcouncil in Malawi and for @girleffect , Mac has vast experience in delivering scholarship prog...

50 3

Olivia is Rare Charity's very first secondary scholar. We are very proud to hear that she performed really excellently in her JCEs, her mid-secondary examinations. Since sponsoring Olivia, Rare Charity now offers bursaries to 10 girls in the @satemwa_tea_coffee producing community of Malawi. Like Olivia, they are all bright, motivated and conscientious young women - who are now celebrated as role models their households and wider community. We celebrate them too, and look forward to supporti...

58 3

🎓Congratulations Norah!🎓 Norah has passed her Level 5 Diploma in Community Development -- with Merit. She's now embarking on her final advanced Diploma, to complete her certificate this year. "With this course, I will be able to bring change to the community. I will be part and parcel of the developments happening in my area and Malawi as a whole. Getting my Level 5 Diploma wasn't easy, but I'm very thankful for your support and encouragements" Norah, Rare Charity Scholar Congratulations Nor...

100 6

🎓Congratulations Madalitso! 🎓 Madalitso recently graduated from the University of Malawi with a Bachelor's in Education Science. He has already started as a secondary teacher in Satemwa, providing much needed support to the education sector at a crucial time. "I would like to thank you for the financial and emotional support you have been giving me during my studies at the University of Malawi. I was successful because you have been there for me. I'm now a graduate. "Had it been that this ...

60 5

It's back to school for our secondary scholars! We wish them well as they begin their second term at secondary school. Thank-you to all our supporters for your belief in these determined young women. They - and you - really are remarkable. #girlseducation #satemwatea #talentisnotrare

93 10

It's Rare Charity's birthday today! 27 scholarships, 3 graduates and 10 girls in secondary school. We feel that's something to celebrate. Thank-you to everyone who has believed in us - Henrietta's original vision, our fundraising, and now all our brilliant scholars. We owe you so much. Here's to another year of great work ahead!

143 8

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you everyone involved in the spectacular @the_gelinaz weekend. The funds have just been totted and you raised over £2,500! It's a phenomenal donation for Rare Charity, at a crucial time for our scholars. Thank-you to all our guardian angels @silolondon who by the way have a Christmas menu to blow your mind @raretealady @rareteacompany @mcmasterchef @mrlyan @stephen_muttley @richardhartbaker @model_wine @ama_brewery_basque @chefbradcarter @santiagolas @freddielookatme...

55 0

Today is Giving Tuesday. It's an antidote to all the Black Friday mania: a moment to celebrate generosity and to support the good causes which can sometimes get overshadowed by corporate noise. We are so grateful to all our monthly donors for your continued support. You believe in our scholars, in their dedication to their studies, and in their ambitions to transform their tea communities. This #givingtuesday would you consider joining our loyal band of monthly donors? Monthly donations ar...

108 1

This thanksgiving we're raising a cup to our founder Henrietta, our dear @raretealady She works tirelessly to source the world's best loose leaf tea, directly from farmers and their gardens. And more: she founded Rare Charity to give those tea communities access to education. 5 years, 27 scholars, 3 university graduates and 10 girls in secondary school later, she continues to push for deeper change. Further access to opportunities for more people, in more of the world's most marginalised co...

52 0

Fortune Jim is studying for a diploma in General Agriculture. Rare Charity is very proud to sponsor him through this programme. Here he is getting valuable work experience in the tea nurseries at @satemwa_tea_coffee tea - to learn more about management. Thank-you to all our donors for your continued support and belief in all our extraordinarily dedicated and talented scholars.

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