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We save wildlife, campaign for conservation justice and inspire people to value and protect nature in Malawi. CONGOMA no. C466 | Charity no. 1176185

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 160 and the average number of comments is 3.

Lilongwewildlife loves posting about Nature, Animals.

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☀️ This is Dzuwa, which means ‘sun’ in Chichewa. This healthy little vervet monkey came to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre as a tiny infant. Now he’s growing up fast and bonding really well with his foster mum, the appropriately named Rain. 📸 @toriecurrsmith #malawiwildliferescue #conservation #malawi #nature #biodiversity #animals #animalwelfare #wildlife #rescuerehabrelease #vervet

157 1

Come for the hyena cubs, stay for the brave mongoose #CameraTrapTuesday

164 3

Orphaned vervet monkeys Mvula, Joseph and Peace are thriving at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre! They had their final quarantine health checks last week and have been settling in really well with foster mums Lulu and Karen. They're all in excellent health – Mvula already weighs over 1kg, which is amazing for his age. These vervet youngsters are now well on their way to being integrated into troop life over the next few months. You can support our orphan care work with a donation here ➡️ [link in bio] 📸 @toriecurrsmith #malawiwildliferescue #conservation #malawi #nature #biodiversity #conservationresearch #animals #animalwelfare #wildlife #vervet

140 1

It’s been one year since we launched our Biodiversity Monitoring project in @liwonde_national_park 🎂 And what a year it’s been! From assisting with a wild dog reintroduction to closely observing a group of ten cheetahs, our hardworking team of staff and volunteers has been kept constantly on their toes. Here we've picked some of our favourite highlights. The Biodiversity Monitoring Project supports @africanparksnetwork in Liwonde by monitoring priority species. By collecting data on reintroduced carnivores and other ecologically important wildlife, we provide vital feedback between management interventions and species’ responses. Read more ➡️ Fancy getting involved in the action? Learn more about our research volunteer placements in Liwonde ➡️ #malawi #liwonde #biodiversity #conservation #wildlife #nature #conservationresearch

155 5

👏 More congratulations are in order for the Wildlife Detection Dog Unit! In addition to receiving the ‘5 Animal Freedoms’ Stamp of Approval recently, the unit has now been certified by the American Society of Canine Trainers International. 🐕 All members of the unit have qualified for international certification in vehicle detection, building detection and open area searches. The certification process involved a ten-day training period covering dog welfare, the science behind dogs’ sense of smell and practical exercises such as building, vehicle and bush searches. 💪 From the certification team: “The dogs are extremely clean and well-groomed. The safety and security of the dogs were observed. They all look exceptionally healthy and very much functionally happy.” Support the important work of the unit by making a symbolic adoption for yourself or a loved one ➡️ [link in bio] #malawiwildliferescue #conservation #malawi #nature #biodiversity #conservationjustice #animals #dogs #animalwelfare #wildlife

194 3

📈 We’re 90% of the way there – we would be so relieved if you could help us reach our target by the end of the year! We urgently need donations for food, medicine and rehabilitation support – to ensure we can give orphans like infant vervet monkey Dzuwa and hyena cubs Leo and Milo a second chance at life back in the wild. 💚 Make a real difference to wildlife this festive season. Give now ➡️ (link in bio) #MalawiWidlifeRescue #AnimalWelfare #Conservation #Biodiversity #AnimalSanctuary #Wildlife #Malawi #Hyenas

111 0

#CameraTrapTuesday 📍@liwonde_national_park

156 0

🐘 Last chance! We're offering a 15% discount on all placements bookings if you enquire by 31 December and quote 'INSTA15' in your application email. A placement with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is a great way to explore the 'Warm Heart of Africa' and gain hands-on experience with a leading conservation charity. You can get involved in everything from sanctuary work and wildlife research to veterinary medicine. Apply now ➡️ (link in bio) #malawiwildliferescue #conservationresearch #animalwelfare #wildlife #togetherwecan #volunteer

129 2

Thank you for supporting us in 2021 to help Malawi’s wildlife and wild places thrive. 📸 @bennihintz

62 0

Looking for a last-minute gift idea? Want to make a real difference to wildlife? 🐒 🌳 From monkey troops to vulture conservation research, from pangolins to spotted eagle-owls, we have a range of animals you can adopt! 🎁 Gift an animal adoption now ➡️ (link in bio) These symbolic adoptions make great gifts for loved ones – or yourself! We'll share a certificate with their name, and updates throughout the year-long adoption period. #malawiwildliferescue #conservation #malawi #nature #biodiversity #animals #baboons #animalwelfare #wildlife #giftideas #gifts #giftinspiration #bethechange #lastminutegifts

276 6

Meet Leo and Milo, seven-month-old hyenas who came to us as tiny cubs after their mum was chased away from their den and never returned. They’re settling in really well at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre – enjoying time together and curious to explore their new environment. They’re growing fast as well, along with their appetites! We urgently need donations for food, medicine and rehabilitation support to ensure we can give orphans like Leo and Milo a second chance at life back in the wild – where they belong. 💚 Make a real difference to wildlife this festive season. Give now ➡️ link in bio! #MalawiWidlifeRescue #AnimalWelfare #Conservation #Biodiversity #AnimalSanctuary #Wildlife #Malawi #Hyenas

111 1

Congratulations to the Wildlife Detection Dog Unit who have just received the '5 Animal Freedoms' endorsement from the Centre for Animal Welfare and @lilongwespca 🥳 Endorsed by the Department for Animal Health and Livestock Development, this stamp of approval acknowledges the unit's observance of the 5 animal freedoms: 💚 Freedom from fear and distress 💧 Freedom from hunger and thirst 🐾 Freedom to express normal behaviour ‎‍⚕️ Freedom from pain, injury and disease 🐕 Freedom from discomfort The endorsement programme stems from LSPCA’s pursuit of animal welfare in general and the welfare of working dogs specifically. You can support the important work of the Wildlife Detection Dog Unit here ➡️ #5animalfreedoms #animalwelfare #malawi #dogs

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