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After thousands of residents have spent hours lining up in the past week to hopefully get assistance, the Department of Public Health and Social Services is providing some additional accommodations. The Disaster Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program was established on June 22 across three enrollment sites in the Micronesia Mall, the Guam Premier Outlets, and the Inalåhan Senior Citizens Center. The program was initially supposed to run until June 28, but due to the high volume of D-SNAP applicants, an extension started on Thursday, June 29 and will end on Saturday, July 1, 2023. Any resident who has not already applied for D-SNAP can apply on these days. A homebound elderly can send an authorized representative to apply for D-SNAP by Saturday, July 1. A picture ID of both the authorized representative and the homebound elderly is required to apply. The homebound elderly can also be included as part of a family’s household application until Saturday. Homebound elderly may also contact 311 for D-SNAP assistance. However, all applications must still be submitted in person to any of the three enrollment sites. Line cut-off times are subject to the length of the line at each respective location and will be determined on a day-by-day basis. The public is reminded that the Micronesia Mall and GPO locations will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. today and Saturday while the Inalahan Senior Citizens Center will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Read more at - link in bio.

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The University of Guam Press continues their suicide prevention efforts with the launch of their new journal entitled "breathe." The press will also be hosting an art and poetry collage workshop using prompts from the journal. The journal which is inspired by the poetry book and short film "Dry Nights" by Pep Borja, includes a collage of poetry, photographs and various artforms to help spark creativity as well as creative prompts to encourage readers to reflect on their lives, loved ones and the things that bring them joy. “During times of crisis, it is important to take a moment to reflect on our experiences and find strength and comfort in the gift that is our breath. We hope the 'breathe.' journal can be a space for people, especially our youth, to find solace and the freedom to express themselves,” said UOG Press Director of Publishing Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero in a release from the Press. To read more visit - link in bio.

50 2

One month after Typhoon Mawar lashed Guam with 140 mph sustained winds, recovery efforts are still underway to restore critical services. The medical industry has been putting in substantial efforts due to an influx of patients, with the closure of some clinics or utility issues. Among those supporting the response efforts are Specialist Alora Finey and Private First-Class Chase Camacho, both combat medics with the Guam National Guard. “I knew, immediately after the typhoon, after seeing all of the damage, that I needed to help out,” said Finey. “I wanted to help out.” Finey and Camacho are on Territorial Active Duty, which is a type of National Guard mobilization ordered by the governor during emergencies. They are tasked to help Guam Memorial Hospital cope with the surge of patients following the Category 4 storm. They work alongside four other Guard medics to help the full-time emergency room staff conduct triage, collect vitals, transport patients, and more. Sheryl De Guzman, unit supervisor of the GMH Emergency Room, said the surge of patients following Typhoon Mawar has not been seen since the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a staff already stretched thin, De Guzman says the presence of the Guard makes a difference. “They really make a difference, especially with a lot of patients reporting into the ER,” said De Guzman. “But we’re striving and surviving, just like everyone else.” Camacho, whose mother also serves in the Guam National Guard, said the staff at Guam Memorial Hospital has treated him like family, and he’s learned a lot of skills from the partner agency. “I would like to say thank you to all the nurses and the ER staff here. They’ve been really supportive,” said Camacho. And thank you to the Guard for giving me the opportunity to give back.” Finey and Camacho are part of approximately 200 Guam Army and Air National Guard troops involved with typhoon recovery efforts, alongside U.S. Army Pacific’s Task Force West and Joint Region Marianas, in support of FEMA and the lead agencies of the government of Guam under Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero. Read more at - link in bio.

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In today's E-edition Relief and frustration felt by power restoration, GRMC undergoing new security measures. For more updates on stories, and to get the latest breaking news on Guam, sign up for text alerts at #guamnews #pacificdailynews #guamsports #guamevents #guamnewsalerts

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Less than 7% of Guam Power Authority's pre-typhoon customer base remains to be restored as those residents are going on Day 37 without power, according to the latest update provided by GPA. Guam crept over 93 percent restored after about 300 more customers were energized as of 1 p.m. Thursday. On the village breakdown by percentage, only three - Yigo, Mangilao and Malesso' - are still in the 80s while the rest of Guam villages are into the 90s. Dededo sits at 94.2% restored and Yigo, at 86.1% restored. For more on the story, go to - link in bio.

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As normalcy still has not been reached for thousands of residents on island, a month after Typhoon Mawar, Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation has announced the following accommodations. Vehicle registration: The Vehicle Registration Branch located in Building B at the Department of Public Works compound is now open. Their standard hours of operations are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Vehicle registrations can be renewed online at Insurance and safety inspection information must be uploaded by the resident’s insurance carrier and safety inspection agency. Vehicle registrations that expired during the period of May 15 to July 31 can be renewed without any late fees on the condition that renewal is done by Aug. 1. To read more visit - link in bio.

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52 years after opening it's first restaurant on Guam, McDonald's is preparing for its 6th location in Mangilao. A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the establishment Thursday morning. The establishment will be competing with numerous other restaurants in close proximity as the new McDonald’s will be right beside Mobil Mangilao, which already contains a Subway and a Chatime inside. The new facility is also right beside the local diner, Michelle’s Coffeeshop, and across the street from Papa John’s, Domino’s, Winchell’s and Jamaican Grill. However, the Ayuyu family simply sees this opportunity as another step into expanding their services. “We took over the McDonald’s business in Guam about 7 years ago,” said Joe Ayuyu Jr., Vice President of McDonald’s Guam and Saipan. “This marks our second newly created McDonald’s in our long-term plan, with McDonald’s in Yigo being the first. We look forward to bringing the new McDonald’s of Mangilao to everyone.” To read more visit - link in bio.

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A man is facing 3rd-degree felony charges following comments he allegedly made to coworkers on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Guam Regional Medical City. According to a magistrate's complaint filed at the Superior Court of Guam, Police responded to the Dededo hospital on Wednesday and were told that an employee, John Kerrsten Zapanta, had made terroristic threats in the presence of other employees on Tuesday. This prompted a sweep of the hospital the next day and a search for weapons was also made in the employees' locker room area. No weapons were found, according to the report. During the search, other fellow employees heard him say that he was going to decrease the population and insinuated that if weapons were found on hospital property, they were probably his, according to the report. To read more visit - link in bio.

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The University of Guam and Guam Community College have come to a mutual understanding that full-time GCC students can play for Triton Athletics in their varsity sport programs starting in August of 2023. The institutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that GCC students can play for the Tritons in their varsity sport programs in 2023-24 if they are full-time at GCC and have a 2.00 GPA, the same standard that UOG students have to play. UOG President Dr. Thomas W. Krise said, “This latest partnership between GCC and UOG strengthens the ties between our institutions, gives GCC students new opportunities to play sports and helps our Triton teams recruit players to sustain high level competition in Guam. GCC, UOG and all our athletic teams across the island benefit. Biba!” GCC President Dr. Mary Okada said, “We are excited at the opportunity for GCC’s students to participate with UOG in varsity sports. These collaborations strengthen the tie between our institutions, create stronger connections among the students and give them the opportunity to continue with competitive sports even while in college. We look forward to cheering on Guam’s best from both institutions.” To read more visit - link in bio.

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The Guam Gymnastics Federation will welcome former gymnast and global council member Alice Stooke in late September, said Jayne Flores, president of the Guam Gymnastics Federation. Flores plans to discuss Stooke's trip with other GGF members at their board and general membership meetings noon Sunday, at the Island Twisters Gymnastics Club on Pick-A-Nail Street in Tamuning. "We are very excited about her visit. It's a great opportunity to expand gymnastics around the island," said Flores. "We just want to expand the sport. We know that worldwide, very few people who go into gymnastics continue it in college, or go to the Olympics. But it's the best base sport you could have." Stooke is the secretary general of the Oceania Gymnastics Union and a council member of FIG, the world governing body for gymnastics. She is also an accomplished gymnast and is an integral part of Gymnastics Australia based out of Melbourne. Besides meeting members of Guam's gymnastics community, Stooke will hold coaching clinics and discuss Guam's possible acquisition of parkour equipment. Flores said that the Guam federation is looking at including elementary school teachers or those interested in gymnastics or other fun programs to learn from Stooke. "Gymnastics is the basis of all sports. It teaches balance, strength, coordination, discipline and so much more, so whatever you go into, you'll benefit," said Flores. Read more at - link in bio.

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The Guam Visitors Bureau welcomed 250 travelers from Taiwan who arrived on island as part of the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions segment amidst the increase in recovery efforts in the tourism industry. The group, part of Yung Shiu Insurance Broker Co. LTD, will be on Guam through Sunday. They arrived off Starlux and Korean Airlines on Wednesday afternoon, according to a press release from GVB. GVB provided a greeting service for the vacationing MICE group with an appearance from Kiko the Ko’ko’ and also helped arrange optional tours. Despite Typhoon Mawar impacting the island, the group chose to continue with their plans to visit Guam. “We welcome the employees of Yung Shiu Insurance and hope they enjoy Destination Guam during their time here,” said GVB President and CEO Carl T.C. Gutierrez. “The Taiwanese visitor market is very important to us. Not only are they the bigger spenders than the other markets, they have a cultural significance that really brings us closer through our Austronesian roots.” While there is no direct service from Taiwan to Guam yet, charter flights continue to arrive every five days through July 30. The flights are being operated by Starlux Airlines on an Airbus A321neo with about 177 passengers. A total of 24 charters could bring more than 4,000 Taiwanese visitors between April 1 to July 30. GVB’s research data shows that Taiwan was Guam’s third largest market with more than 28,000 visitors that came to the island in Fiscal Year 2019. They are the top spenders of Guam’s visitor markets, with prepaid and on-island expenditures reaching more than $2,000 per person, according to the release. Read more at - link in bio.

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It has been about a month since Typhoon Mawar had left its destructive mark on the island. Typhoon Mawar, classified as a Category 4 storm, battered Guam with wind gusts exceeding 150 miles per hour and torrential rainfall that triggered widespread flooding. The island’s power grid suffered significant damage, resulting in islandwide blackouts, leaving communities in darkness. With the majority of the households' power coming back within the past few weeks, many residents expressed their relief. Other residents that still do not have power a month after the typhoon find the restoration process to be moving very slowly. Roland Selvidge, from Mongmong, had his power back for a week and then lost it. "I'm happy that I've had power for a week, but after that I'm in the dark. I am still in the dark," said Selvidge. When asked about his recovery process, Selvidge had his own thoughts on the matter. "I can't believe I've experienced other typhoons, but this one is moving at a snail's pace," said Selvidge. Selvidge also shared his frustrations on what has been hard for him in the past few weeks because he is on a fixed income. One of his main challenges of being on a fixed income and having no power is food storage. With his refrigerator not running, Selvidge had no choice but to throw away some food because they spoiled. "Me throwing away food is not a natural thing but this is the second time I had to throw food away because I have no way of keeping it," said Selvidge. "There are days that I'm hungry, and there's nothing that I can do about it," added Selvidge. On top of the challenges with the power and the food, Selvidge had damage to his property due to the heavy rain and wind that made its way into his household. "I lost everything from water damage. That's the cards that was dealt to me and so be it; I deal with it," said Selvidge. Read more at - link in bio.

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